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Starship's Mage

I don’t remember who turned me onto this series. Probably Deb Geary. Glynn Stewart’s ability to blend science fiction and science fantasy floored me when I read this volume. Like many writers starting in recently, he tried the serial approach and, I assume, learned – as most do if they keep at it – that people will wait until the serial is complete before picking up the first one. Once burned, twice shy.

The omnibus edition holds all five serial episodes and does a good job of sweeping the reader along in a breath-taking vision of starships powered by magic and the toll it takes on those who must fly them. It hooked me immediately and kept me turning pages thought this volume and every volume since.

Stewart has just published the fourth book in his series and it’s just as good as the rest.

If you’re looking for a different take on interstellar navigation, you might want to grab a sample of Starship’s Mage and give it a try.

Starship's Mage

Paul Kemner 15/11/2016 · #1

One practice that seems to work these days is to serialize your story on the web, then revise it and offer it for sale. Surprisingly, people will buy a physical copy of something they like, even if they've read it for free on the web.