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Use These 4 Strategies To Inspire Your Students To Write

Often, when teachers or professors announce any writing activity say suppose an essay, students start groaning and complaining. Some go to look for narrative writing help if the paper is one of such kind or something else that is more suitable.

However, most students forget that doing assignments help to improve writing skills and knowledge too. Getting assistance with assignment writing never ever meets the purpose for which professors give assignments.

Use These 4 Strategies To Inspire Your Students To Write

Is there no other way?

Only the teachers and professors can make students write their assignments is by inspiring them and providing study help. This assistance can be given through various ways that will encourage the students to write and boost their confidence to write.

Circle writing

A major reason why students do not feel to write is that they do not know the matter and the audience as well. What you can do as a teacher is to make the students write a topic on a sheet of paper and make it pass to other students. They will have to write a question on the topic. When the paper comes back to the original students, they can write on the topic based on those questions that will also provide the answers.

Comic strips

Comics are an all-time favorite among the students. So why not use it to inspire the students to write? All students have read illustrated storybooks where pictures were given along with the story to understand it better. The same applies here. You can give strips of comics to the students and ask them to make a story out of it. Tell them to open their imagination and give a vivid description of what they want to say.

Daily writing strategy

Another reason why students look for help with writing is that most of the times the papers are given grades. So what you can do is take the grades off. Instead, ask them to write about whatever they feel like. Repeat this exercise every day. This will help them to overcome their fears. After few days, correct the mistakes by making them a part of the grammar classes for assignment writing. Through this, they will also make fewer mistakes.

Story boxes

Sometimes students are bored because the topics teachers give are less interesting. So allow them to choose their topics and make their own story boxes. Let them draw and paint the boxes where they can put their favorite character, cut out pictures, make cards etc. after this ask them to write on it. Students will find more interest in this way.

These are a few ideas that teachers can use to inspire their students to write.