Apptha Airhotels - A Vacation Rental Script for the Airbnb’s of Tomorrow

Apptha Airhotels is a readymade vacation rental script that is available on Magento 1 and 2 editions. If you have a spare space that can be let out on a rental basis, on a daily basis or for a short-term, Apptha Airhotels can help that business idea up and running instantly. Think of it as a launchpad that will springboard your villa rental website or a leisurely cottage booking website in quick time.

Apptha Airhotels - A Vacation Rental Script for the Airbnb’s of Tomorrow

Built for all; from Internet-preneurs to Property owners

The travel booking industry has a problem. On one side, there are people who want to own and manage online businesses. But, they lack properties or the physical space to do that.

On the other hand, there are property owners who have villas, mansions, apartments, condominiums and other forms of real estate that can be let out a rental basis. There are property owners who live on other locations but have vacant properties that can be used to monetize revenue.

They, lack an online platform to make use of the business opportunity. Not to mention the nightmare of coding an eCommerce website to form and shape and running it all day long.

Apptha Airhotels powered by Magento 2 positions itself as a platform that brings together admins, property owners and also travelers. It helps admins to create a vacation rental website where property owners can enlist their properties and earn revenue.

Noteworthy features of Apptha Airhotels Magento 2 vacation rental script

Apptha Airhotels Magento 2 vacation rental booking script is designed to make total use of the goodness of Magento 2.

A modular file structure for maximum customization

It follows the same modular structure of coding which makes it easy to customize and integrate add on features that will turn the online booking website into a traveler’s paradise.

SEO Friendliness that turns inquiries into bookings

Magento 2 by default comes with SEO friendly meta tags and page titles. Apptha Airhotels carries over this SEO friendliness to the Villa rental script which will help convert inquiries into bookings. Saves ad costs and also retrieves many times the revenue.

Multiple property management from single dashboard

Admins can add and manage multiple properties from a single dashboard. The dashboard gives a bird’s eye view of number of bookings made, vacant properties, upcoming bookings, average occupancy rate, and so on.

City based listing

Apptha Airhotels is build to scale bookings on a large scale. It can enlist properties from various cities spread across continents. The listings can also be filtered based on popular properties that have users have rated high based on amenities and service.

Admin property approval

Each property that gets enlisted in the website gets reviewed and approved by an admin. The approval process can include document verification of the property, social credentials of the host, including social media handles. All these features can be integrated to the admin’s backend for effective organization and management.

Calendar integration

Timely booking and it's honoring forms the backbone of the travel and hospitality industry. To help hosts stay in track of their bookings and to plan for bookings that follow current bookings, Apptha Airhotels is integrated with calendar. The calendar can raise alerts and send notifications to intimate the guest, host and admin about the bookings that are becoming due.

Designed beautifully, built powerfully

Special care has been taken to ensure that Apptha Airhotels has an upscale look and feel that will not just impress but ‘wow’ visitors. The buttons and controls have been set strategically to ensure that maximum enquiries are converted into reservations.

Tip of an 150+ features

Well, that gives an intro about Apptha Airhotels can do for website admins and property owners. The good news is, there is still more in offer from Apptha Airhotels holiday cottage rental software. If you have a nice cottage with a sea-facing view or an exotic view of the countryside, start turning it into a revenue centre with Apptha’s holiday house rental software.

Apptha’s Airhotels is your perfect ally to build a vacation rental website that mimics the functioning, utilities and interface layouts of global brands like Airbnb, Homestay, etc. further, the vacation rental software can be further customized, both in backend and frontend to create a uniquely looking and feeling online booking website for holiday cabins, villas, cottage, resorts and so on.

There is a stair and an elevator. Which one would your choose? Of course, the elevator which is must easier than struggling your way up. Apptha Airhotels vacation rental website is a quick elevator ride for you to reach the top, that is the peak where you are ready to launch your vacation rental business.