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How Personal Branding Impacts People and Business?

How Personal Branding Impacts People and Business?

Personal branding programs are still misunderstood

They are being implemented the wrong way; in many cases people using social media without the necessary skills or support to get their personal brands in tip top shape first.

If businesses want to meet their key business drivers from personal branding programs, then taking the time to plan and implement effectively is crucial.

In this article I list many of the key facts around personal branding and include some tangible figures that will help you to understand the real value.

Personal branding is valuable for businesses and people

People stop wasting valuable time and money explaining what they do

Human resources benefit from improved staff retention & lower recruitment costs

People feel more valued as there are the obvious associated self-esteem benefits

Sales and marketing departments work harmoniously to create success

The reach of marketing content is much higher if implemented correctly

Personal branding is tough to implement without taking the right action

Personal branding programs must obtain buy in from the top down and bottom up. It must be integrated into the culture of the business and all departments need to work together to make it successful.

Many think it is just about sharing corporate content on social media

It is not just about sharing pictures or corporate content on everyone’s social media channels. It involves taking time to put together the right plan and subsequent wording first, to help distinguish people from one other.

Then it is about sharing the right content in the right proportion to assist the person’s brand to grow alongside the businesses brand and visa-versa.

Many businesses and individuals are using personal brand strategies already

Over the last few years’ corporations have been rolling out culture change programs; helping employees to build influence on social media and creating influential thought-leadership content.

But some are sharing corporate messaging the wrong way; with no thought to their people and what their contacts really want to hear or see in their social media timelines.

We have become the media

For some time now you have been able to spread your message to anyone who is listening, in every industry you have people who create the news and influence people.

You also have heard the stories of people who have been fired within an hour or two after sending a badly thought out Tweet, damaging their careers beyond repair. This is very unusual and only in extreme cases of lack of common sense and rational thought. These isolated incidents can be managed and actually benefit the corporation if dealt with promptly in line with prior procedural planning.

So what is the good news

The good news is that you can actually safeguard your career and grow your personal brand and the businesses brand effectively using social media.

The main challenge businesses face is that they don’t put together a plan for their teams. To get their personal brands in tip top shape it is still looked upon by many as an expense. Do not worry the figures speak for themselves, as it has now been proven a shrewd investment!

Introducing ghost writing

Executives are being assigned ghost writers as marketing teams are attempting to ‘Brand’ individuals with the corporate messaging. No real thought is given to the implications for employees’ careers or the businesses tangible returns over the medium to long term.

Unfortunately, many of these people do not write or dictate anything vaguely engaging and are now stuck with using the corporate content on their social profiles; which does them no favors at all. They have not created their own personal brand, just reproduced the corporate brand with a little tweak and perhaps a fresh approach.

The rise of the influencer program

You have influencer programs, companies formulate relationships with industry ‘experts’ who have specific audiences to spread their messaging and generate clicks and sales.

Unfortunately, these are usually short lived, as in many cases the companies do not usually dedicate enough resources to assist the relationships over the long term.

The wrong metrics are tracked so programs are shelved too early

Taking the time to plan out which metrics to track is important with any marketing or business plan. If you are tracing and tracking impressions and views VS clicks and conversions, then understanding your investment is not possible in the short term.

Building your personal branding programs include the following

What your team members do

What gives them authority and credibility

Why are they different and or better than anyone else?

Personal network growth

Message amplification

Relationship building

Results from personal branding can be game changing for businesses and individuals

561% more reach is obtained from employees sharing business messaging

Content is shared 24X more frequently from employees VS brand accounts

8X more engagement from employees VS business social media accounts

Many businesses think the marketing department should be responsible for personal branding; but it is a specialist skill and a time honored process. Marketing is made up of so many different job roles and personal branding is something thatshould be done with expert guidance.

Of course I am here if you would like some help, lookout for my live webinars around this important subject or message me here on beBee or email

My article was originally featured on CEO WORLD magazine

Stats above are from

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I enjoyed your buzz immensely.  Your info and approach are right on. 

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Darren Pearson 12/1/2018 · #16

Yep, nailed it Nat


Ah thank you for letting me know Ignacio, these people are obviously not integrated within the business properly, the Brand communicatio has to be integrated throughout the business model, it’s people and supply chain!

Muchísimas gracias por la práctica española #14

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t is a word game. Brand-Brandy. There are those who instead of being taken seriously the brand seems to take brandy. They care a lot about the brand image, but what they do shows the opposite.
Es un juego de palabras. Brand-Brandy. Hay quienes en vez de tomarse en serio la marca parece que toman brandy. Se preocupan mucho de la imagen de la marca, pero lo que hacen demuestran lo contrario.


@Ignacio Orna can you please explain what you mean ? Or perhaps @stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador may be able to shed some light on your comments his Spanish is better than mine #12

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#10 Yes. The Brand is a very serious thing but the Brand that is taken as the Brandy gets drunk


Very cool, are you meaning they give the full picture of what they are all about ? #9

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