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Best Time To Visit Hawaii: Everything You Need To Know To Make It An Unforgettable Trip

Best Time To Visit Hawaii: Everything You Need To Know To Make It An Unforgettable Trip

Hawaii is a pleasant place to visit all around the year but if you are in for some Hawaii adventure then you’d want to plan your trip accordingly. The best seasons to visit are the summers and the winter. April and May are the months that give you the best of Hawaii and so do September and October. However, when the winter sets in, there are heavy rains across the island which might force you to stay indoors. Also, then there are the hurricanes that you need to look out for which extend from June to November. So keeping all these seasonal factors in mind, the best season to visit Hawaii happens to be the summers. Today, we will be providing you the to-look-out-for list before you plan your trip to Hawaii.

When is the best time to visit Hawaii in good weather?

Hawaii tends to stay warm throughout the year with the temperature ranging between 29-31 degrees in the summer and about 26-28 degrees during the winter. If you plan on doing surfing on the beaches then you definitely need to check the weather status before you plan your trip.

Best prices on airplane tickets and more?

If you are looking for the best deals on airfare prices then you must visit the islands during the off-season. During summers the prices rise high, however, if you plan your trip around July, August, and somewhere around late December and early January then surely you can make the most of the available deals. It is advisable that you make your reservations at least 3 months in advance.

Best air ticket prices are available if you book them in advance. Optimal timing would be 6 weeks in advance; however, booking 4 months in advance will land you the best deals. If you plan for destination Hawaii wedding then you definitely should plan ahead in advance.

Talking about the hotels, well, in this case too, sooner is better. Booking the hotels at the best prices means being on quite the hunt. The cheapest hotel prices are available during spring and fall. You should avoid booking in last week of April as it is the peak traveling time. However, June and July are less expensive but finding deals need a great amount of luck. So the idea is to keep on researching until you get the best deal in your budget.

What food should you try when in Hawaii?

The all natural shave ice, the classic Hawaiian plate, fresh coconut, Luau stew, poke, pasteles, croissada are some of the dishes that you must definitely dig in. You can try local seafood dishes too.

What to sightsee when in Hawaii?

Make sure that you enjoy every accessible beach on the island and plan for trying the surfing facilities too. Oahu waters are great for swimming and surfing. If you are looking forward to snorkeling then Big Island and Maui are the places that you must visit. May through September is when the water is warm, the waves are smooth, and the vibes are all set for you to enjoy the Hawaiian waters.

Plan a whale watching tour around December to April. This is the time when the whales move down from Alaska to Hawaii and can be spotted in the waters of Molokai, Lanai, and Maui. You can plan a hiking tour at Kauai, sightseeing the active volcanoes on the Big Island, and take time to do some freshwater fishing too.

Mauna Kea, the white mountains of Hawaii are ideal for skiing and snowboarding as it snows over there almost all around the year. The best time to visit would be between February and March. Hawaii is popular for its nightlife and beach parties; don’t leave the island without indulging in a few. So to experience the best of Hawaii, all you need is the right planning.

What to shop for when in Hawaii?

Surely you do plan to create a seashell collection of your own? Beautiful anklets and bracelets and pendants too. Apart from jewelry, you can also buy Hawaiian shirts for women and men. Invest in some quality hats and aloha skirts too. Most of the local shops sell handmade items which you must appreciate and support on your visit. You can buy souvenirs within your budget.

Looks like you are all covered for your trip to Hawaii. Planning it ahead will help you enjoy it to the fullest. Hope you have a great time!