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Swimming with the Fishes, an underwater expedition at Charna Island

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
– Andre Gide

Date: 13th November, 2016

As a travelling fanatics we have been to many places that includes lush green meadows, forests, wide plains, snow-covered mountains, cold water rivers, glaciers, beautiful lakes, extremely beautiful beaches, and Mughal architecture, shrines, the country borders, the largest fort on the earth and the 26th century BCE city of dead’s. But this time our tour is not to any hill station in Pakistan or a historic place in a foreign country or to the warm water beaches, instead we created a plan to swim with the fishes in the salty sea water (snorkeling) at Charna Island.

Swimming with the Fishes, an underwater expedition at Charna Island

Snorkeling an underwater recreational activity in which a diving mask and shaped tube (snorkel) is worn that allows the snorkeler to swim on a body of water and observe underwater life in a natural setting for an extended period. I have read about it in many books and on the internet but I was real surprised to hear it from my office friends that now the deep sea snorkeling is also possible in Pakistan, and different clubs are arranging these trips. Then after discussing with my friends and doing research on the internet I opt for snorkeling adventure by PALS OUTDOORS.

PALS (Pakistan’s Accredited Lifeguard Service) is a club taking ownership of saving lives along the beaches of Karachi, since 2004. PALS Outdoors a subsidiary of PALS, provide adventure tourism to individuals and corporates across Pakistan. With their fairly large lifeguard infrastructure, PALS Outdoors can easily leverage its outdoor presence and provide fun and exciting tours and events to people at large. And snorkeling is also one of the programs arrange by PALS Outdoors.

After gathering data from their Facebook page I made a phone call to PALS Outdoor on 0345-55-55689 and the call was received by a very courteous and humble person by the name “Mahesh Singh”. After knowing my interest for snorkeling at Charna Island he provides me detailed information on different packages provided by PALS Outdoors. The package includes a comfortable luxury cruise boat from the beach to Charna Island (Boat has washroom and comfortable foamed seats), JetSki ride, speed boat ride, wake tubing, banana boat ride, underwater photography, underwate