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4 Tips To Boost Your Content Marketing with Video

4 Tips To Boost Your  Content Marketing with VideoTurning video content into a tool for your marketing strategy by integrating it into email, social media and other digital marketing channels can pay off big for your business. Not only are more people engaging with video, but these video interactions are helping drive increased revenue:

• More exposure: Video views on Facebook doubled from 4 billion in April 2015 to 8 billion in November 2015.1

• More mobile users: “Watch time” on mobile devices doubled from 2014 to 2015; it grew 60 percent overall in that same time.2

• Higher Email “Click-Through-Rate”: Emails with “video” in the subject line generated an average 19 percent higher open rate and a 65 percent higher click-through rate.3

• Better performance: Email campaigns with video content can drive up to a 200-percent higher CTR that similar campaigns without video.3

If you want to build a video-marketing program that drives awareness, engagement and revenue, you’ll need a well-thought-out plan that integrates with your company’s interests and business goals. The 4 tips below will get you started on the right path, whether you just shot your first video with your iPhone or have a library of videos on YouTube already.

1. Set specific goals for your video marketing program4 Tips To Boost Your  Content Marketing with Video

You don’t have to spend a lot of time in brainstorming with your entire team. But you must hash out some thoughts on what you want your video program to achieve and to make sure that your marketing team is on board as well.

Remember two things as you work on goals for your video program:

  • Be customer-centric. This is not about you or your company: it’s about the value you bring to your customers. What do you want them to take away from your video, and how does your video help them?
  • Decide what you want your viewers to do with your video. People like to be told what to do. Your videos need a call to action, just like with emails. Setting a goal for your video will shape the action and the content supporting it.

2 . Tell your story

4 Tips To Boost Your  Content Marketing with VideoThe secret of the perfect branding video is to figure out how to take that leap of faith into good storytelling. Every business has a story, a genuine and personal story, and that’s what people want to hear.

  • Be personal. The more personal, the better. It’s easier to play it safe and tell a bland story than it is to risk the controversy and emotion that comes with good storytelling. Yet, one only needs to look at their own viewing habits to realize the difference between a story and a good story. Take your business’s story and inject personal emotion into it. You feel a bit of adrenaline and now you are just a little more vested in what is happening and curious to see how it unfolds. Don’t be afraid to spice it up with some good anecdotes.
  • Be consistent. Companies should look to create video that is aligned with their existing digital and brand experience for maximum return. You know your audience already, so build on your existing content, analyze which marketing materials generate the most activity, and create your video content around those topics. Include a mix of videos that may engage audiences differently, but always align it to the overall brand message in look and tone

3. Come up with a plan to share your video content through your various promotion channels.

4 Tips To Boost Your  Content Marketing with VideoYour video content will generate greater and better results if you share it across various communication channels, such as social media, email messaging, mobile apps and even offline sources (in-store displays, training programs, white papers, etc.).

  • Repurpose. The great advantage of video is the fact that it can be repurposed, with small modifications, to fit various different platforms. The same material that was shot for your company branding video can be edited into testimonial videos or video ads that can be used, for example, as YouTube or Facebook Video ads.
  • Optimize. You should optimize the platforms where your videos will display, especially third-party platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, where you can house all your videos on your own channel. Videos can and should be optimized for SEO by including captions, titles, tags and more.
  • Promote. All your platforms (YouTube channel, Facebook/Instagram pages, Snapchat user name) should be promoted in cross-channel promotions, too.
  • Redirect. The videos you have on public platforms like YouTube or Facebook should direct viewers to your website, where you can place a simple lead-generation form that collects personal information to unlock free content. A basic way to achieve this would be to place a link in the video description (or in annotations in the video), directing viewers to a landing page on your site where they can get a special offer, a coupon, etc.

4. Measure your results.

Michele Williams 15/12/2016 · #2

Great tips Greg. I am just starting to think about a video series on negotiation. @Daniel Martos, a new beBee Ambassador, has a great video about beBee in his recruiting series: . I would highly recommend taking a look at his visuals even if you do not speak Spanish.

Greg Williams 3/12/2016 · #1

Thanks for this succinct summary of video tips! What do you find of these tips marketers struggle the most with?

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