All about VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP Is a type of communication system that allows for the transmission of sound much like a telephone system through IP networks like packet-switches or internet networks. 

There are now a lot of software that offers this technology, such as Skype and Yahoo messenger. However, there are VoIP services providers Australia or any other country that will provide with the gadgets. Users can still use landline phones, but now such phones use this technology.  

All about VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP History 

VoIP systems first came into existence in the year 1974, but it was in the year 2004 that it became more widespread. The big developments started only this year due to the increasing demand for more affordable means of communication. Just because today, broadband internet services became more competent, VoIP has become more commercialized. Now, there are more features incorporated, such as unlimited local calls. Cheaper rates were offered for international calls. Also, lower prices were offered to those that use the same VoIP provider. 

VoIP technology can also be used for instant messaging services that have voice options enabled. For example, AOL, Voice Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Ebay’s Skype, MSN have started using their own VoIP messenger.  

How VoIP phone systems work? 

VoIP phone system, as the name itself mentions Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it’s a phone system in which the internet is used to make calls rather than regular landline or a mobile network. 

VoIP phone systems work by taking analog phone calls and then convert them into digital signals and finally send them as data over your broadband line. VoIP phone systems are a very useful way of making calls. They are very cheaper compared to normal phone lines; you just have to pay for phone calls depending on the geographic distance you are calling and the time you are spending on the call. 

What are the various ways to connect VoIP phone systems? 

There are three ways through which VoIP Phone systems can be connected, and they are through landline phones, computers, and smartphones.  

Using a landline phone – The first way is to connect through the use of a special telephone adapter. If you have a telephone jack at your home and a broadband modem, you can connect using a telephone jack. Now, with using your old landline phone, you will be able to make VoIP calls. 

Using a Computer – There are numerous programs that will let you make voice calls; you just have to install them on your computer, for example, Google Talk, Skype and Apple FaceTime, etc.   Skype can be used to even make calls to a landline number. If someone has downloaded apps, then calling them is free, but calling to a phone number will usually cost some money.   

Using a smartphone – You can use your smartphones to make voice calls. You just have to download certain apps with which you would be able to make calls.   

How VoIP Benefits Small Enterprises and Startups? 

It’s a well-known fact that not all small enterprises and entry-level businesses can have the options and facilities like large enterprises or Fortune 500 companies. They may not be able to adopt new technologies and tools as they are restricted by low funds and resources. Therefore, for such small businesses, VoIP Phones could be the best choice as they reduce costs and offer many other features that are otherwise unaffordable for a small enterprise owner.  

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VoIP phone systems for small enterprises are cost-effective, reliable, and easily manageable and scalable too. These types of phone systems benefit small businesses in many ways. 

  • VoIP Phones Charge Reasonable Cost – Companies that provide VoIP services to small enterprises offer them short-term contracts. These VoIP providers may charge a reasonable amount, which would be affordable by almost all small enterprises or startup owners.  

  • Good Scalability – Small enterprises or startups can start their business using only a handful of IP phones and scale up gradually as their business grows. The growth of the VoIP telephone system can be proportional to the growth in business. 

  • Easy and Simple to Manage – VoIP telephone systems can be used to gather point by point, information on the telephonic activity of the business. For example, incoming numbers, time of call, receiving extensions, and more. All these data can be gathered in a spreadsheet and provided to top management to make business decisions. 

  • Mobility – With VoIP phone Australia or any other country, small enterprise owners would be able to make and receive calls from any place where there’s an internet facility. The majority of the VoIP has a mobile app, so they can even use their cell phone as a desk phone. All the calls that come to their desk phone will also come to their cell phone simultaneously.     

  • Easily Maintainable by in-house staff – IT staffs currently working in an organization can, without a very remarkable stretch, keep up the VoIP phone systems. VoIP phone systems are easily coordinated with software and don't require master VoIP professionals for their upkeep.

  • Suitable features for small enterprisesVoIP Phone Australia or any other country offer useful features that can be embraced by small enterprises to copy the business methodology of large enterprises. Highlights, for instance, auto specialists, call lines, extensions, call transfers, and conferences, make the business progressively sound as per the calling client. VoIP telephone systems permit customers to get voice message, and fax over email. These features increase the capability of the staff. 

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