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How This User-Generated Video Game Is Leading The Way With Innovation and VR

How This User-Generated Video Game Is Leading The Way With Innovation and VR

Some people require a little more imagination from their video games than Pokémon Go. There is an enormous online community that is equally as enthusiastic about the worlds they are creating with their vision in a game called Roblox.

Roblox is the largest user-generated online gaming platform with over 15 million games created by users. The simple concept of going somewhere where you can imagine with your friends has captured the hearts and minds of gamers across the globe.

Over twelve million monthly active users have enjoyed 3.75 billion hours played since 2008. A 50 percent year-over-year increase in revenue is making the family-friendly game impossible to ignore.

David Baszucki is the founder and co-creator of Roblox. He is on a mission to take this 3D immersive creation to the next level to become the global leader in user-generated gaming and creation for all ages. In a recent press release, he advised: “Roblox is now the largest social VR platform in the world in terms of user count, hours of engagement, simultaneous players and volume of content.”

Early adopters who have already purchased Oculus Rift are enjoying an entirely immersive experience in Roblox. As the first gaming company to introduce VR compatibility to its social platform, Baszucki is both incredibly proud and excited about the future possibilities. But, equally, believes the industry hasn’t scratched the surface of VR’s entertainment potential.

The free to play and free to build game aims to be the ultimate place where friends can socialize, hang out, roleplay or just live out their imagination together. Whether it’s working in a virtual restaurant, flying through the sky like a bird or survive a tornado, the only limit is your imagination.

Young players are using a combination of learning, communication, and technology to get the most from the game. Friends seem to enjoy creating 3D immersive adventures together on the platform illustrating a much more positive side to gaming that we seldom get to hear about.

Despite the obvious comparisons. Many forget that Roblox was created before Minecraft. More interestingly, it’s also growing much more quickly than the well-known sandbox video game.

Roblox delivers a real game changer in providing a cross-platform experience where players on mobile devices, computers, Xbox and now VR all play on the same server seamlessly.

The new and innovative features in the Windows 10 app along with Roblox becoming the most downloaded game on the Xbox one has overwhelmed the CEO. Ultimately, the games biggest strength is the petri dish element it offers users. It’s the people playing the game that are creating an alternate universe rather than a team of developers.

With the famous title already passing its 10th anniversary, it’s refreshing to see innovation still top of the agenda. Delivering a seamless experience across multiple platforms is also something that should never be underestimated.

Although VR is upping the immersion level, the biggest stars of Roblox are clearly its community. An online meeting place where people of all ages across the world unite to create, learn, build and have fun. Technology and innovation work best when they bring people together. For these reasons alone, it’s fantastic to see the world of video games finally being shown in a positive light.

On my podcast (Episode 66), I spoke with David Baszucki, the CEO and Founder of Roblox. We discuss uniting users of all technology platforms along with the power of its user’s imagination.

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