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Will You Mix Business With Pleasure On Facebook Jobs?

Will You Mix Business With Pleasure On Facebook Jobs?
When searching for your ideal job role, most people begin by investing a significant amount of time and even money to create the perfect CV that will enable them to stand out from the crowd. There is also an increasing pressure to go through your entire digital footprint with a fine tooth comb to protect your reputation.

Employers are already removing potential employees from shortlists because of information found online. A quick look at the rise and fall of Ken Bone revealed how even a Reddit comment could be misunderstood and used against us when we receive our 15 minutes of fame.

However, locking down your Facebook privacy settings so only your friends can see those wild holiday photos from your younger days will no longer be enough if Mark Zuckerberg and co get their way.

Facebook recently revealed that they were currently testing a feature that would enable page administrators to create job postings and receive applications for candidates through the social network. 

Based on behavior we've seen on Facebook, where many small businesses post about their job openings on their Page, we're running a test for Page admins to create job postings and receive applications from candidates Facebook spokesman

It’s no secret that LinkedIn generates the majority of its income from job seekers and recruiters who subscribe to a premium service when looking for a dream role or perfect candidate. This latest move by Facebook will predictably be seen as muscling in on LinkedIn’s niche market.

The somewhat aggressive maneuver is a transparent attempt to leverage LinkedIn’s 467 million users who would be more inclined to add more personal information on their social media profile. The appeal for businesses would be the opportunity to have their job ads in front of Facebook’s 1.75 billion monthly users and increase traffic to the pages. But, it would still be a pay-to-play environment.

In a digital world of simplifying and personalizing everything, the ability to instantly apply for a role with pre-populated profile information could also be incredibly attractive. But, at what cost?

Will You Mix Business With Pleasure On Facebook Jobs?

Most headlines are concentrating on how Facebook are encroaching on LinkedIn’s unique selling point and recruitment business. But, the real story is how this will impact candidates who are authenticating and applying for a job role through their personal Facebook profile. Could the blurring of the lines between your personal online profile and your professional cause a few unsuspecting surprises.

There is an argument that the days of worrying about personal and professional social media accounts should be long gone.We automatically expect a seamless experience from any service as we jump from device to device. If we are following our


businesses on Facebook, is it such a huge leap for a jobs tab to appear on their company page for fans to apply for roles at companies they love? 

Would these businesses also have more committed staff who are passionate about a business rather than finding the position on a job board or email from a pushy recruiter?

The timing of Facebook's challenge to LinkedIn comes at a vulnerable moment where Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition is the primary focus at the business social network. Having already been too slow to jump on the mobile bandwagon, all eyes will now be on what direction the software giant will steer Linkedin. 

Facebook's tactical move during this period of uncertainty seems more than a just a coincidence. However, for job seekers, it's no longer about aligning yourself to a singular platform of choice for seeking employment. 

The time is rapidly approaching where a decision will need to be made about your digital footprint. Would you be happy to mix business with pleasure and lower your Facebook privacy setting when applying for your next job?

Even people reading this who declare they have nothing to hide could find themselves with their very own Ken Bone moment for a throwaway comment made six years ago. This represents the bigger story behind Facebook's latest challenge to the LinkedIn platform,

What are your thoughts? Will you mix business and pleasure when applying for a role or do you prefer to keep these two worlds separate?


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@Neil Hughes this is very intetesting! Facebook is your life (family and friends) . beBee is addressing this , engaging professionals through passions. Private VS Personal. Facebook is closer to Private and beBee is Personal and Professional ( but it is not private ).

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