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An appeal for restoration.

 An appeal for restoration.

Right then where was I? Oh yes, I had completely disappeared and couldn't be found anywhere on this entire site.

Due to a technical glitch recently my account was deleted and I disappeared from the site. Thankfully through the offices of the support team it has since been mostly restored and all the articles, of greater or lesser interest are now back. Alas though, my profile is sorely in need of rebuilding from scratch and I am now utterly bereft of followers and followees.

Over Christmas when I have a bit of time to spare I will be putting a new profile on the site, tracking down people I previously followed to re-connect and generally using this as a way of updating and spring cleaning my Bebee digital image.

As a part of this process I would like to request that if you are one of the bees who previously followed me on or if you are just noticing me now for the first time would you please go to my currently blank profile page to connect once again. I completely understand that this is a bit of a pain in the backside and totally appreciate your help and assistance in helping me to sort it out. 

Thanks everyone.

Don Philpott☘️ 15/12/2018 · #5

I saw that you went missing, wen't looking for your quality content on other channels. That Greenland one is epic stuff, keep rockin.

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Pascal Derrien 15/12/2018 · #4

Done obviously :-)

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Neil Smith 15/12/2018 · #3

#1 Thanks Ken. I will have a look at those posts and see what happened. Cheers. 

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Javier 🐝 beBee 15/12/2018 · #2


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Ken Boddie 15/12/2018 · #1

Re-followed and shared to help you spread the word. Also I noticed I couldn’t access your Greenland posts as I kept getting misdirected to an unrecognised Publisher post instead.

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