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If The Shoe Fits. . .

If The Shoe Fits. . .

Technical footwear fitting.

So you want to get fit for an adventure. You'd like to run a marathon or hit the Camino de Santiago or tackle the Appalachian Trail. You need to gather up some useful equipment; nothing too extreme just good quality bits and pieces that make life a bit more comfortable and ease your path to perfect, or near enough perfect performance. Out on the hill/road/track you find that the wicking baselayer does what it says on the tin. The waterproofs keep out the rain and wind and the backpack carries all you need without chafing. In fact everything seems just tickety-boo apart from your feet. Short sessions are no problem but long runs, steep descents or multi-day trips leave your feet feeling like they did ten rounds and lost to the heavyweight champion. Black toenails, blisters, calluses and general tenderness seem like an ever present problem. The enjoyment of the trip would be so much greater without this discomfort.

If any of the above sounds familiar then I would suggest that this article is worth a few minutes of your time.

Almost all of the problems listed above are the result of poorly fitting footwear and a limited understanding of what constitutes a good fit even amongst those retailers of sports and outdoor footwear who regard themselves as specialists. Even in the best stores some members of staff are better than others and so outcomes can be a bit hit or miss depending on who you encounter when you walk through the door.

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