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This was the first in a series of running related articles for which was then posted on LinkedIn. 

Running is a sport that I love. On and off road. Up mountains or along long sandy beaches. The great thing about it is that a plodder like me can enjoy the experience of a marathon race or short solo run in the woods every bit as much as a professional athlete. The ability to have fun no matter the time or result makes running a great sport for life. I hope you enjoy the article and I always like feedback and comments. Thanks for reading.

When it all gets a bit too "Same old same old".

Distance runners often reach the point where it becomes difficulty reach and then maintain high weekly mileage targets. Having developed to where they can now achieve forty, ninety or however many kilometres per week they find that the repetitive nature and the generally familiar and possibly not overly scenic environment of road running tends to produce a less than uplifting exercise experience. This can lead to a lack of enthusiasm and makes it easy to miss out sessions when the weather or other factors are against you. This along with a tendency to switch off the brain and zone out during exercise produces lower quality, more boring sessions. As well this the constant repetitive impact of flat road surfaces also makes it easier to fall prey to niggly little injuries caused by overstraining the same muscles and joints pace after pace, mile after mile.

My normal solution for boredom is to change things around and try something different but a lot of runners are training for a particular event and want to stay