There are many prejudices about startups from Europe. One of them concerns the fact that successful startups always have to be active in the field of engineering. Another is that the success is limited to Germany, at most on the neighboring countries.


Successful startups from Europe are not limited to one business area. They work in the engineering professions as well as in the creative field, in advertising and marketing, in trade and in production. Of course, also in the field of telecommunications, especially the development of a computer app for the various situations of daily life is the focus of many young companies. They are innovative and imaginative, often implement a lot with little equity capital. Business angels help them and are needed only in the beginning.SUCCESSFUL STARTUPS: THESE COMPANIES ARE INTERNATIONALLY SUCCESSFUL

Even if such a success does not succeed and many young companies depend on help for a long time or have to go bankrupt later, there are still some successful startups. In part, such successful companies can even sell for a lot of money.

Below we introduce ten of these startups whose start-up entrepreneurs may have dreamed of a similar success but did not really expect it when the companies went to the starting line.


This young company is a great example of successful start-ups. Because Lesara is the fastest growing young company, although this startup does not even move in the IT field. There are also no exciting products sold that are nowhere else to buy in this form. Instead, you will find fashion, jewelry, lifestyle and lifestyle products.

The assortment is very comprehensive and although there are no great peculiarities, there is one or the other product, which is not available in this form and especially at this price elsewhere. The production takes place directly in China and is therefore very cheap, which is reflected in the low product prices. The online shop is clearly arranged and so is the shopping of all sorts of trinkets practically incidentally done. Delivery is made conveniently via UPS or other shipping service providers.

Food Panda

There are many successful startups like Foodpanda, but this young company is still a big leader. The provider is considered a marketplace for delivery services and summarizes their offers. The focus is on emerging markets and the company allows restaurants from India, Russia or Singapore, as well as many other countries, to be visible on the Internet. For this purpose, an app has been developed that allows customers to choose their food.

Foodpanda works with an impressive number of 38,000 restaurants and gives them a platform for self-presentation in the mobile and connected world. At the same time, Foodpanda maintains its own subcontracting, guaranteeing punctual service to all customers. Contact is possible directly via the website or via the app.


SoundCloud is actually a start-up, which had its own idea and has now implemented it. Through the platform, which sees itself as a social sound platform, recordings of all kinds can be sent and exchanged. The upload is very easy, so there is no problem in the way even more technically less experienced. Not only amateur musicians and unknown artists are represented here, but also professionals use the site to make their music better known. SoundCloud works a bit like Youtube, but here are just no videos shown or exchanged, but only sounds.


Professional photographers use this platform as well as amateur photographers who want to sell their pictures. However, users are all those who like to buy new pictures or who want to use them for electronic purposes. Professionals exchange their pictures here and offer them to users. Even large companies now use the platform and buy their images for their own online presence and in brochures.

EyeEm uses self-developed software to monitor business operations, showing how well an image can be sold or whether it becomes a "storekeeper". The individual recordings are tagged, so the database is particularly easy to browse and the user finds his personal "Most Wanted" image on the fastest way.

Back Lane

When it comes to successful start-ups, then Backlane must not be missed. Because this start-up is one of the most successful ever and is even internationally recognized. The offer of the platform is aimed at business people and other travelers who want to rent a car, but who has a professional chauffeur. On the website, customers can choose between different car classes and opt for either the normal, rather inconspicuous car or for the absolute luxury car.

As well as the car class, the price can be read directly, the company makes no secrets from the costs incurred by the user. Backlane mediates only professional chauffeurs with vehicle and still offers the cheapest price in many regions. Even cheaper than other providers, where "occasional shots" are behind the wheel.


Successful start-ups can also be fun, as is BigPoint. The software company offers online games that require neither installation nor download. The company was founded in 2002, in 2016 it was sold for about 80 million euros to a software company from China. Not a bad cut for the founders, who scooped quite a decent amount of money.

What the success is exactly justified, can not say specifically, but one possibility is that the so-called "Freemium model" was applied. The basic functions of the games are all free to use, additional functions, however, must be purchased. Since most games are no fun at a certain point without additional functions, many players are willing to buy.

The selection of these successful startups shows how broadly the start-ups in Germany are diversified and how striking the success can be, even beyond the typical engineering areas and the telecommunications sector. At the same time, the number of start-ups is still growing and so it remains to be assumed that many successful start-ups will continue to be on the market in the future.

Ingenious ideas that have never been there in this way can not be found everywhere, but that does not detract from the success. Because many things are simply based on the great demand and have slightly modified again and again the greatest chance of success. Anyone who jumps on the band in time and starts with his young company can definitely benefit from a high demand at the moment if he reacts early enough to changes.

As the example of BigPoint shows, such companies can also sell very well and often achieve high prices. However, it should also be said that not a little idealism and optimism are behind such a foundation, plus courage, innovative strength and the unconditional will to succeed.