How To Drill Bowling

How To Drill BowlingFirst, you should buy an un-drilled bowling ball with a high top weight. The weight of the top weight in any ball is given in the product specifications so you can choose the ball that is the best for you. Before starting drilling, you should determine the best finger hole size and layout. You can do that by using an adjustable bowling ball. An adjustable bowling ball allows you to change the hole sizes my sources by using different size adapters. It also allows you to move them around on the surface of the ball so you can easily determine what hole size and layout fit your fingers best.

After solving the hole sizes and layout problems, you can go on measuring the distance between the thumb hole and each finger hole. You also have to measure the distance between the other finger holes. Remember the diameter of each finger hole and the length of your fingers. After this you will need to put the ball into a bowling ball drill cradle and turn the ball until the center of gravity is on top. When you buy a bowling ball, you will notice a small punch mark. That is the center of gravity and right below this mark there is indicated the top weight. However, adjust the ball until getting it in the right position and then lock it into place.

Now you will need the measurements you took earlier so you can adjust the position and the angle of the adjustable drill press. Drill the thumb hole first but don’t forget to put on safety goggles first. You should drill the thumb hole a little bit deeper than the length of your thumb. If you drill deeper, you will reach the optimal weight easier. After this, you can pull the drill back out and readjust it to the right position to drill the first finer hole. Also, don’t forget to change the bit to the right size. When you drill this hole, don’t drill deeper than needed. After the drill completely stops you can readjust it to drill the next finger hole by using the same method. Don’t forget to change the bit if the finger size is different.

After you finished drilling, turn off the drill and unlock the ball so you can take it from the drill cradle. Congratulations, now you know how to drill a bowling ball at an optimal weight. It may be a little bit difficult at the beginning but drilling bowling balls is not so difficult. After a bit of practicing you will know how to drill bowling balls just as you have been doing it for years.