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SPICE GIRLS: Jewellery Designer Duo Making Waves - The Banda Islands and Beyond

SPICE GIRLS: Jewellery Designer Duo Making Waves  - The Banda Islands and Beyond

When people ask me 'How did you start your jewellery business and why Bali?' I grab a bottle of wine and say 'you better stay the night!' When people say 'Oh, I see, you were in the right place, right time,' I reply, 'No, I put myself there.' There is no right place right time. It's a case of constantly being presented with opportunity, seeing how it can be used and then grabbing it by the balls. Nothing in life comes easy….well, I fully disagree. I think it the universe wants you to have it, it will give it to you.

BUT… MUST get your ducks in a line first.

This is no big secret.

How can a universe give you something you are not ready for? Well, it doesn't. It can smack you around a few times saying 'be grateful for these lessons I am teaching you, because they will hold you in good stead later down the track.' How do we normally see the lessons? We see them as obstacles. Wouldn't it be better to see these obstacles as an integral part of solving the jigsaw and tethering your ducks?

It's all very well in retrospect isn't it. The concept of retrospect is to look back on something. I generally don't look back and my lofty ideas propel me into the future, much sometimes to the chagrin of my peers and my business partner. You see, I am 'BIG' picture, world domination stuff. They write books about people like me, or crucify them. But I'm good with either of those, because if