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The present

The present
When thinking about the future of the country, think about children. When thinking about education, think about children. When you think that nothing will change or when you are without faith in your 'present', think of the children as well. Even with the 'present' bad, change and give a better one for the children. Give a 'present' of dreams, give a 'present' of love, but always give a 'present' with great attention. The future has always been a 'present', a gift in which children earned every day, so give the best that the future is the best 'present'.

'Present' given with love and importance generates a future of generosity. Whenever you give a 'present' to a child of love, affection, respect. These will be the 'presents' that your grandchildren will gain in the future, both for themselves and for the place they will live and thus share with the whole community 'presents' of better days.

To give the best 'present' to a child is to give the best 'present' for the future. Children are roots to sprout, new as hope and consequently the fruit of the future. Which example 'present' is giving the children? What future do you think of giving to children? The 'present' time may be the sum of the 'present' it will give for the future.

Jim Cody 8/1/2018 · #1

Absolutely today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Buzz on.

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