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The true art of living is knowing how to live with the differences

The true art of living is knowing how to live with the differences
We came to the world so plural, where the difference is in the small details and each individual is unique, each being has its identity, its details. We live in a world full of unique individuals wanting to stand out, wanting to show themselves before so many ideas to survive and each new day a new opportunity to overcome itself. To take the work of life, we will learn to pick up the brush with lightness and diplomacy to brush the paths, draw the sketches, learn with the angles and objects that make up the landscape perspectives, observe the gestures of the manikins, the brushes will not stop in between This giant screen of colors that mix, why we are part of all art itself.

We will encounter people who will not have affinities, people who are so far from our essential values, physical, philosophical and cultural differences and yet we will have to live with them, situations that will put us many times and inevitably as antagonists and to soften we will have to exercise our Diplomacy skills. Behind the conflicts and disturbances there are those who will survive and those who will stay at the nearest train station to avoid conflicts, others will try to follow the course looking for groups with the same interests.

The interesting thing about coexistence is learning with the different, having opposing perspectives, unknown experiences, realities and lessons for the exercise of our spirit ... often happen without planning and with people that we would never imagine. Learning to listen, to filter, to acquire qualities of people and places so different besides to bring us human knowledge can be key practical parts in situations of setbacks and that enriches us as human beings. The exchange of experiences and conviviality with differences puts us on the knowledge of the abundance and complexity that human life represents. Why live is to live together, just like the paints ... each with its pigment and its mixtures make the art. Life is a fabric, we are the pigments, the time is the blends, and the experience all the art.

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Bravo! @Neto Montana this is such a well-written post. I am glad to finally bump into you on beBee as you seem to truly understand the type of virtual community we are striving to create - you've described the beauty and the challenges so well.

Accepting differences is an art - and one that will become increasingly necessary as every individual around the world comes into contact via the web.

I will never stop celebrating the magic of beBee where it is possible to just scroll past a brilliant mind in São Paulo on any random Friday morning in Seattle. So pleased to have you sharing your posts and I will be exploring your previous posts!

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