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Umbrella with or without rain

Umbrella with or without rain

It would be somewhat unbearable to use an umbrella in a sunny situation on a summer morning with the clouds wide open to show the beautiful blue sky. Situations can be preparatory, to be part of a context of circumstances. It would be more logical to use an umbrella in a tempestuous situation in the face of furious streams of water coming towards us, guarding the misfortune of wetting and ruining clothes. But on the other hand if the 'automatic' key had not already triggered the associated to these situations, we could connect to others and less likely, in case a person uses an umbrella to protect themselves from ultra violet rays.

'Umbrella with or without rain', what do I mean by that term? is that we tend to automatically associate objects or things with certain situations, as if our head were programmed to give automatic and logical responses. Then I ask. Does our head because of the practical circumstances of day to day become accustomed to become automatic? If we look more closely at nature, we can find 'details' often so unnoticed and with much deeper and more intelligent responses than just 'associating things with things'. Simplicity and over-practicality can leave the brain addicted, and make things more literal to say not obvious, but if we observe with calmness and care we can realize that before such explicit simplicity there are much deeper and more complex answers.

Being just automatic can be somewhat dangerous as it can draw attention away from other possibilities along the way, and lead to extreme circumstances. But if life is a ruler and its edges the extremes, the weights have to be well spread out as it can deregulate the ruler to make it a disproportionate scale. We can not only see the edges, because we will be disregarding the center and this center can be the control so that the ruler is always in harmony.

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