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Exchange experiences

Exchange experiences Pic by: Pexels

His little dark eyes become huge when he says 'big things'. His thin arms become strong in the face of so much need and despair - from being so discredited, he became the miracle worker. We can become great humanists when small, sloppy hearts become big. We are a little bit of everything, but we can be immeasurably in the moments when humanity so hard has become fragile. Tough rules became unpredictable graphics, the certainty of day-to-day life became the three periods of the day, breakfast with the sensation of coffee coming down in the warm stomach, lunch on the living room table with the noise of cell phones and voices, dinner on the couch enjoying the sound of the teapot making tea water.

The aggregate house, with big dreams confined in a small space. Differences that traveled distances are now tightened in a small space. The freedom and imagination of big cities can transform a house into a palace of ideas and sensations in living together. However, everything is an exchange of experiences. We can become big anywhere - like a heart full of memories that life gives, the important thing is to share, in the form of gestures and feelings ready to help, to whom and when - in need.

Each distance we can create bridges of proximity, each knowledge we can create bonds of generosity and with each difficulty we can alleviate with doses of friendship, enjoy the union of the table in the full house.

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