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The hammock shaky every gale. In the world there will be the sun side and the cold side of the universe. Both sides. I am sailing like the sea, the destination seems uncertain, I have to make the compass my heart, which will guide my destination, the north. I am on earth and it is the hammock, which crashes without stopping. My compass will fall and I have to hold it, to walk. The windstorm comes, trying to take my certains, but they are fleeting, soon I continue in destination to the north. The uncertainties of instability come, but soon they will pass, the hammock will be unstable for a moment, then it will move east and west, I have to keep myself strong, to keep me unstable. The universe doesn't stop, it will rock me.

My tears may be relief for small moments of insecurity, but the tears to the clouds are gigantic and threatening, I have to prepare for the strong storms that will come, I know that the sun is a moment of rest, tomorrow I will have to strengthen the seam otherwise will be able to blast off. Always follow my compass from the heart to keep stable to the fall off adversity and keep me on the way of the north. The trip never stops, it always continues and the more I survive the more prepared I get. And the more I face it, the stronger I get. Every time the hammock sways - the surroundings are different, nothing stays the same, everything after the windstorms changes.

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