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Faces of Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has to be one of the most enchanting places I've visited. From the friendly spirit, smiling faces, to the rich culture all around you, pristine nature and glittering pagodas and temples. Myanmar truly touches the heart.

People all around are so friendly and inviting. Locals want to show you how they live, invite you to join them for tea and meals and want to show you their beautiful surroundings. We met many who were so eager to tell us about their life, family and stories. They were equally as curious to get to know us and what we thought of their land and culture. They were so keen to make us their tea and to prepare local food for us. Many offered to provide accommodation to stay with their families to get to know them. 

Throughout Myanmar the locals are beautifully dressed in colorful longyis and have their cheeks painted with thanika. Longyis are sheets of cloth wrapped around the waist. Men and women wear longyis. Females often wear matching tops made of the same cloth as the longyi. Thanika is a cosmetic paste made from ground bark applied to the cheeks in both females and males. Throughout Myanmar you can see it's use in creative designs. 

Travelling through Myanmar you will inevitably come across