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The power of social media startups

Social networking sites have become popular since their launch a decade ago. 2.46 billion users worldwide are on social networks and this number continues to rise year by year. Our personal brands are important not only to stay in touch with our friends but in improving our professional opportunities. Users don’t stop at using the most well-known social networks, but are open to try startups which is why there is strong popularity in using and joining startups like beBee.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the next big thing in social networking? Being able to be part of the founding and starting team of a startup to see the project grow, evolve and take off is exciting and magical. Teamwork and personal desire to succeed are crucial at social media startups. In order to succeed and develop the team needs to constantly be creative and imaginative to make the best improvements and develop the project. As the project is ever changing, the workflow is largely made up along the way with priorities that must be reached. It’s exciting and an adventure working at a social media startup. We expect our team to have self-driven instincts and to be flexible in taking on new tasks when needed. In a successful startup environment talented staff are vital and the skills of each individual play an important role.

Popular social media sites that people connect to are seeing users increase by the millions proving just how powerful and necessary they are globally for networking and business. In today’s world where we do business with people from every corner of the world and are seeing more families move around for work opportunities, social networks are the way in which we stay connected and communicate. They are the norm when it comes to sharing information and checking out what others are doing. It’s where we usually see and hear news first these days from first hand accounts.

When once we wrote letters and made telephone calls, now we chat and make phone calls through social networks on our smartphones. We are a tech savvy generation that relies on our smartphones for almost everything. The future can only see more of our life being intertwined with social media. Our ability to stay connected with people worldwide at the click of a button is important for society these days in staying in touch with others.

This has all led to a large amount of youth seeking employment at social media startups like beBee. The Madrid based personal branding social networking app has seen an increase of users in the millions as well as thousands of applicants seeking a job at the firm due to their interest in social networking. Not only is this digital engagement of the masses something that the youth want to partake in but they would like to be a part of it’s continued development, which is why social media startups are seeing such great interest from jobseekers and partners.

“Just as we teach our children how to ride a bike, we need to teach them how to navigate social media and make the right moves that will help them. The physical world is similar to the virtual world in many cases. It's about being aware. We can prevent many debacles if we're educated.”
Amy Jo Martin, author, speaker, entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Digital Royalty

The power of social media startups

We are eager to learn about how social networks work

Social networks are fascinating as they enable people to get connected to discuss and share common interests. It’s exciting enough waking up and checking the status of your different social media accounts, but working at a social network like beBee opens your eyes to how many areas there are in order to keep the social network going to ensure relevant feed content and interaction between users. At startups especially where there is always room for development and change, it’s particularly fascinating coming up with ideas between departments. The implementation and decision making process of the particular changes is so important in these projects.

There is such a fascination for the rapid growth of social networking apps. This should be no surprise though as the amount of smartphone users keeps rising, We are using on average 9 apps a day.  We are downloading apps to try out and are enthusiastic about new startups. Most people spend on average around two to three hours daily on social media accounts on their mobiles in the US. “The average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media.” These figures continue to grow as trends prove that we rely more and more on social media to communicate to our friends, family and business partners. Social media is part of current life and will be more so in the future.

The desire for many to join startups is that you can become a vital part of a company and how the company operates. Employees talents and skills become essential to the startups continued success. This is also why startups especially social networks value their users, influencers, ambassadors and partnerships as they are part of the growth and development of the company. Without the fascination and determination for united success then growth slows. beBee has been very fortunate in that we have amazing users, ambassadors and partners who not only believe in the project but enjoy the project. beBee is a great addition to other platforms to promote your personal brand and to socialize with like-minded individuals which is what has brought such quick growth and expansion around the world.

Being able to be part of a winning startup not only benefits users but those who believed in the project. These people are the driving force.that understands that the overall goal has a benefit for all. To succeed everyone plays their own part in their social efforts and takes pride in sharing the message about the project they are working in. In this sense as startups are such exciting projects, especially social networks the enthusiasm to join one of these teams will always be there. This can also be seen on projects where the emphasis is collaboration such as through crowdfunding or collective work such as a wiki.

“Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever. “
Daniel Goleman, psychologist and science journalist

Being part of startups and raising awareness of appropriate social networking behavior

There is no age too young to start teaching the next generation how to act accordingly online and the best ways to boost their online presence. We were taught how to write letters in the past, but today we need to educate our youth about online behavior and social branding. As interested as we have been to learn and develop over the years, we need to teach our youth from what we’ve learned.

Each online action has consequences either positive or negative. This is important to understand as we benefit the most when our actions open doors to opportunities and possibilities. This is why it is so exciting and rewarding to have social media expertise and be able to pass the message on to others about the potential benefits and dangerous of the online world. By appropriately displaying your skills, background, education and interests we can find contacts and job listings to your dream job, make contacts with interesting people and stay connected to friends.

Startups are also able to develop their products in ways in which they can implement cyber-security and checks. They are able to change and develop accordingly as necessary. As we continue to integrate our life more and more with technology, more of our data is online. Take buying things - we can now buy anything at the click of a button and have it delivered to where we are, if we feel hungry we can have food delivered to where we are at the click of a button, or let’s say we have to go somewhere we can just click a button and a car will turn up to where we are. All this technology that can be accessed from our smartphone in our pocket enables us to live a less complicated and more advanced lifestyle. In a world where everything is available at the click of a button means that online behavior needs to be talked about, awareness of appropriate behavior should be discussed and the youth should be educated.

As we are able to get data on online behavior as well as offline behavior it’s evident that online actions have an offline impact. Social networks themselves can play a part in helping users in creating awareness of ways in which they can get better protection of their online data. Enhanced account protection and awareness for what should and shouldn’t be displayed to the public are important. Social networks, especially startup social networks can develop their products in honest and responsible ways in which the users are aware of what information they are making public and which is protected. Working at startups and developing the project means that this virtual online security is constantly a topic of importance. As happy users are the most important for social networks the continued success of the project and ways to help users are constantly being stressed.

The power to connect people globally

Social networks give people the power to connect with others worldwide at the click of a button, better yet through startups like beBee you can connect with others that share the same professional or personal interests. Social networks offer a powerful tool to increase your social network of contacts. Expanding personal and professional networks enables users to benefit from endless opportunities and possibilities.

Social networks can provide a platform for users in which they can attain access to information and news, opportunities for business or personal gain and psychological well-being. Information and news can be received on social networks from first hand sources and accounts. Information is personal and the account of the personal posting it which is demonstrating their view or opinion of what has happened. This helps us in understanding news reports from a personal perspective. Awareness for certain topics can also be spread online to your contacts or to those interested in the topic online faster than what traditional newspapers or TV channels could previously report to the public.

Social networks are a great place to make new contacts that can provide opportunities for jobs, partnerships or other ways in which it can result in a financial gain. These contacts and referrals can be life changing and this is why social networks can have the power to really change your life these days with its endless ability to impact our lives.

In addition to all these benefits by being able to maintain contact with family, friends and others we share interests with has positive psychological benefits to keep our mental health and well-being healthy and happy. This expansion in our social network has an impact in our life as we are able to communicate, share and discuss with a larger amount of contacts. This engagement and interaction is healthy just as communication and human interaction is important in our life as human beings. We are curious and friendly, which is why social networks provide a platform for us to use when we are unable to see all these people globally at the same time. Social networks connect us on one platform from all corners of the world to share and discuss topics of shared interest. This is the power that social networks have given to the people.

“Technology and social media have brought power back to the people.”
Mark McKinnon, political advisor, reform advocate, media columnist and TV producer

Society can learn, get inspired by, get motivated, feel a certain way, gain awareness, connect with others, improve their relationships and act a certain way based on information and relationships that they have with others on social networks. The news, information, ideas and discussions which we are able to participate in online enable us to an endless wealth of information. All this information can influence the way we act, behave and think. As we see relevant information we are also able to spread it on to others making sure that anything important can be seen by others worldwide.

CityVP Manjit Oct 13, 2017 · #8

Netta, there is a huge difference between static observation and dynamic interaction. I am not online to teach the youth of today but I am online to learn from the way youth are educating themselves that in turn can leave me anticipating the next turn or transformation. My response is #8 in this buzz. What did I learn from #1 through #7.

If response today does not include thinking then that is the preliminary difference between static observation and dynamic interaction. If I try assume to know the nature and DNA of education, that assumption will throw me a million digital light years behind where transformation is occurring, but in the wisdom of not knowing, I open my eyes to the possibility of dynamic interaction.

There can be no more of a static container than trying to accommodate a personal brand and such accommodation is the lowest hanging fruit in the adaptive structure of emerging networks. Static observation is a container. It is the past and yes, it is a container that organizations like Facebook own, but even Facebook is not immune to dynamic interaction - they need to buy the next Instagram in order to remain relevant - and that kind of vision is not possible with static observation.

Zuckerberg has made some good bets but even Mark Zuckerberg is fallible in his decisions and not everything he has decided upon is the stuff of Instragram genius - and if so - how do we entertain our own observation?

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Loved it @Netta Virtanen !!!

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Great insight @Netta Virtanen! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the share.

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We are using on average 9 apps a day.

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Gloria (Glo) Ochoa Oct 12, 2017 · #3

We are using on average 9 apps a day....

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Gloria (Glo) Ochoa Oct 12, 2017 · #2

the power of social media has become a necessity to stay in touch with the's a powerful tool.

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The power of the social media is enormous .. It can create, if positively used and destroy, if it is in the hands of the criminals

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