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In 30 seconds Why Your Email Address Matters

In 30 seconds Why Your Email Address Matters

This short video is focused on young people job searching.

But it's a message everyone needs to listen to ... and understand - it's only 30 seconds long but might change your life...and the way you think.

In 30 seconds Why Your Email Address Matters

As ever your future is more of a choice than you may think it is. Start by looking at yourself and your Personal Brand - your email is as good as any other place to start. 

As ever you have a choice - what's yours?

All the best

Neville Gaunt

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Neville Gaunt 15/10/2016 · #2

#1 @Brian McKenzie thanks for the comment - gmail I've found has more acceptance. I know lots of professionals from Africa, Asia and Middle East that use yahoo and gmail without problems. It's about culture and acceptance too.

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Brian McKenzie 15/10/2016 · #1

It's not just the email name, but the domain server as well. I was told that .hotmail .yahoo .aol .msn .lycos .earthlink were all kisses of death too. Hell, inmail is nearly a spam-fest. Luckily, nearly all my proposals fro .yandex are meeting with success.

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