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Why did Wales beat Belgium? They had #BLT

Why did Wales beat Belgium? They had #BLT

Last night saw another upset in the 


Belgium 1 Wales 3

There will be lots of interviews and analysis but the immediate interviews just after the action are the ones with the most relevance - the rawness, the emotion and the reality comes from a deep down feeling and it's that, the deep down foundation that has driven them. 

So what was it?

Three words rang out loud from all the interviews and the comments from the pundits ...

  • Belief - we can do this
  • Leadership - we're all leaders
  • Teamwork - we'll do whatever we have to do to succeed

I could say a lot more but it will all reinforce the claim, not surprising. And you can check the reverse where the other team, Belgium lost their belief, had a few leaders and they were not playing as a team. Wales were 1-0 down remember.

Why did Wales beat Belgium? They had #BLT The other thing that will help you remember the ingredients is #BLT is a common food order - it's a sandwich, bacon, lettuce and tomato. 

So is your organisation in the #BLT mode? It's not only football teams that have it?

All the best
Neville Gaunt

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Why did Wales beat Belgium? They had #BLT

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Neville Gaunt 20/7/2016 · #7

#6 @Angus Grady a little spicy sauce does it for me! Enjoy!

Angus Grady 19/7/2016 · #6

Will be grabbing some #BLT in the morning thanks @Neville Gaunt

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Neville Gaunt 2/7/2016 · #5

@Laurent BOSCHERINI @Javier Cámara Rica @Charles David Upchurch do you find this has relevance outside of football?

Gary Sharpe 2/7/2016 · #4

@Neville Gaunt funnily enough I was just watching this story on the TV and I said "they are using something like MindFit" and thought of you.

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Vincent Andrew 2/7/2016 · #3

Yes one can see that Wales had #BLT. They played for each other. Incredible teamwork! Well done Wales!

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I think Belgium played for not losing and when you do that (in life too) , you will probably lose in the end (fear). Sometimes we are all better off with the "BURN THE SHIPS" Cortés tactics and I think Wales used that.

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Neville Gaunt 2/7/2016 · #1

@Gary Sharpe do you think this has a wide relevance?