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Single-cell Omics Market Research Unfolds New Tech-Trends

Single-cell omics analysis technologies are emerging as a disruptive force in the life science research, pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries. Single cell analysis is critical for analyzing complex, heterogeneous biological systems that occur at many levels of life sciences from stem cell biology to cancer to forensics.

In cancer, for example, a tumor may shed cells into the bloodstream that give clues about the aggressiveness of that tumor or how it  is responding to a particular drug therapy.

Single-cell Omics Market Research Unfolds New Tech-Trends

It is important to analyze these individual cells, called circulating tumor cells, to aid in monitoring the disease or to guide therapy strategies. The emerging field of liquid biopsy addresses this medical need.

Single-cell omics are also important to fundamental biological research, for example, to identify cancer mutation drivers or factors that influence stem cell potency. The trend toward biological drugs, stem cell therapies, and new cancer treatments are also beneficial to the single cell analysis markets due to its importance in these fields.

Report Scope:
The scope of this report includes single cell analysis technologies, applications, industries, major funding initiatives, patents, and companies. The market sizes for single cell products are given for the years 2015, 2016, 2017 (estimated) and 2022 (forecasted).

The structure of several important industry subsectors is reviewed, as well as major industry acquisitions and strategic alliances from Jan. 2016 to Sept. 2017. 

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Reasons for Doing This Study:

The life science industry is moving towards digitization with the advent of newer technologies including advanced genetic sequencing and microfluidics systems. 
As many biological systems contain heterogeneous populations of cells, heretofore many analysis methods measured mixtures of different cell types.

Single cell analysis is a disruptive technology that enables analysis of single cells out of a complex mixture of cells. 

This type of analysis is key to understanding complex systems in fields as diverse as neurology, stem cell biology and cancer.

At the same time, advances in genome editing, high-throughput systems, and microfluidics technologies have enabled the rapid, parallel analysis of smaller samples that are common with single cells. 

Based on this, single cell analysis markets are rapidly emerging and the need for industry and market characterization is great.

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