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The Secret Marketing Strategies For Building Huge Consumer Brands

Ask any marketer at a consumer internet company where they spend their budget and the answer will be a long one.

Paid user acquisition is a science unto itself and very important for many consumer internet companies. However, in my opinion the best consumer internet companies have become successful by focusing on more creative and unconventional marketing methods. Let’s look at a few case studies and deconstruct them:


Focused PR and grassroots marketing. 10 years ago, Zillow founder Rich Barton approached marketing head Amy Bohutinsky with a challenge – grow Zillow’s audience from nothing to 1 million visitors per month by launch day without spending any money (there is a great article detailing this very situation). Amy blew right through the goal hitting 1 million visitors in the first three days post-launch and 5 million visitors in the first month. She did this through savvy PR, grassroots marketing, and by leveraging Zillow’s Zestimate product, an online home valuation tool. They were doing all sorts of creative things like showcasing celebrity homes and creating useful real estate market benchmarks which were then syndicated out to major media outlets and even used by the government (note: Waze did something similar with traffic data).  Zillow ended up being hugely successful in driving word of mouth traffic. They did this by building something that really resonated with consumers and by being particularly adroit in how they created buzz.

The Secret Marketing Strategies For Building Huge Consumer Brands

TV show / Content Production. Did you know that co-produced a TV show on NBC called “Who Do You Think You Are”? It was a partnership between Shed Media, NBC and In each episode, a celebrity goes on a journey to trace parts of his or her family tree with the help of’s service. What could have ende