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Growing yourself best garden

Planting your favorite vegetables will keep you excited about gardening. Planting herbs around the backyard will also add to the cooking of all your vegetable's.

Growing yourself best garden

The kids can always be a great help to give them a task to do. Maybe even give them there own spot in the garden that they can call there own. If they're not quite ready for there own plot of land easy jobs like picking weed's or watering can be fun for them too. I have seen little tiny garden gloves for kids at the supermarket, as well as gardening tools. Starting them out small is the best thing to do then when they're older they will have found memories of all the times in the vegetable garden

A scrapbook is also a great job for the little ones it will keep them entertained and excited about vegetable gardening.

Try having them keep track of the vegetable garden schedule for watering and so on, and Things to go into the scrapbook can be things like the little garden tags and recipes you have made with them from your own vegetable garden or maybe things you would like to try. You can even get creative and get scrapbook kits from the store to make it extra special and unique.

I like to keep my garden scrapbook on the coffee table, so its always around and when family comes over they like to look at the pictures of all of us and the great things I have learned, to the not so great. As well as the funny stories I add.

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