Nick Westcott en DIY (Do it Yourself), raspberry pi, Video Games 7/10/2016 · 2 min de lectura · +200

DIY: Retro Arcade Machine

I’ve always wanted an authentic arcade machine, but that dream quickly flies out the window when I see the price tags on them. The price tags range from $3,000 for some to a little less for others depending on rarity, and unless I wanted a terrible game for novelty sake, for cheap, I knew I wouldn’t be buying one. However, I always knew I could build the housing for one and with an old computer and monitor simulate the experience, but alas that was recycled years ago and I just couldn’t justify spending money on something frivolous.

Then I came across something called RetroPi, an operating system installed on a MicroSD card and installed onto RaspberryPi. RaspberryPi is a micro computer averaging $20-$30, it plugs directly into a monitor, has inputs for 4 USBs, Bluetooth, WiFi, really everything you need for an insanely cheap cost.

I’m in business.

Now I needed to find plans, a quick search lead me to an instructables article with a small bar top machine. Average cost of materials and parts, $300, and trying to cut that cost as much as possible, I made some adjustments. For example, instead of MDF board I chose particleboard, and as long as you’re careful and have some experience with wood it’s a perfectly fine material to use. This choice took the cost of wood down from $70 to around $21, have I mentioned I’m really cheap.

Gathered the wood, printed out my plans, time to start working…

I regretfully do not own a table saw, hope to in the future which would make cutting plywood a dream, for the initial cuts I drilled a piece of scrap pine to the boards as a guide. Only after this did I stumble upon this genius piece of engineering  and made the remainder of my cuts in minutes.