The Pokémon Go Craze Will Help Your Business

The Pokémon Go Craze Will Help Your BusinessCan you catch a Pidgey, new clients and new customers?

Who would have thought Pokémon could have made such a huge comeback? Nearly everywhere you look, someone is walking around with their eyes glued to their phone trying to catch a Pokémon. It’s truly insane how Pokémon Go exploded so quickly and effortlessly. Like any other trend, you can use this game to your marketing advantage.

Make Your Business Part of the Game

Every Pokémon Go user goes crazy for PokeStops. These are locations in their area that will provide them with more PokeBalls and other items when visited. You can request to make your business a PokeStop by submitting a request form to the game’s creator. By doing this, users will quickly run to your shop or business to collect the Pokémon goodies they need.

You can also lure Pokémon to your business for 30 minutes by purchasing the in-app “Lure Module.” Users will see a new Pokémon pop up around them and rush to your business to find it. The only catch here is that you need to be by a PokeStop to use the Lure Module.

Whether you plan on making your business a PokeStop or using a Lure Module, you will not only attract new customers to your business but clients as well. Since everyone is playing this game, you may easily run into the owner of that successful dance studio down the street that you’ve been wanting to sign as a client. Now you have an excuse to make conversation and show off your skills (both in marketing and Pokémon Go).

Make Everything Pokémon Themed

Are you doing marketing for a bar? Have them create a Pokémon themed cocktail. Are you doing marketing for a bakery? Have them make PokeBall cupcakes and cookies. You can even create ads centered around Pokémon: “The deals in today’s sale are just like finding a rare Pikachu!”

If you’re going to make your business a PokeStop or use the Lure Module, post about it on social media before you do so. Get people excited that they’ll be able to play the game at your business. You can also offer samples of your product or a small discount to your store for those who catch Pokémon at your business or use your PokeStop. Also remember to hashtag all of your Pokémon social media posts with Pokémon Go hashtags, like #PokemonGo, #Pokemon, #PokeStop and #PokeSelfie.

Offer Things Pokémon Go Users Need

The game completely kills phone battery. Your business can offer a charging station for people to use while they shop or eat.

Share what you know about Pokémon Go. Both avid and casual users are dying for tips on how to level up or collect more Pokémon. You can go around town and take pictures of places you have found Pokémon or PokeStops near your business. Post it on your business’s social media accounts or somewhere in your store to show your participation in the game.

Pokémon is the newest pop culture trend, once again. Keep this in mind when creating advertisements and campaigns for your brand. Those PokeBall cupcakes sound kind of yummy right about now.

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