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Measuring Instruments And Their Parts For Protection

Measuring Instruments And Their Parts For Protection

Process gauge would be designed especially for pressure measurements in extreme process applications such as oil and gas industry. The refineries would heat crude oil to bifurcate it into various petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel. These process gauges would be deployed for such processes. Apart from this there are various other applications related to process industry.

Process industry converts raw material such as oil, natural gas, minerals, metals and water into useful products such as plastic, paper, textile and rubber. These processes need to maintain process pressures as per set standards so that the raw material can be converted to intermediary and then into finished products. Thus it would be vital to use pressure gauges that would provide accurate pressure readings. That is why process gauges that are made with high quality material of construction and other protective mechanisms for durability and long term performance are preferred in process industries.

Tridicator gauges are used for measuring temperature and pressure of hot water in home used boilers. The instrument measures pressure and temperature on the same dial. Usually pressure reading markings are blue in color and temperature reading markings are red. Thus we can have both pressure and temperature readings at the same time that helps to reduce downtime and offers ease in installation of gauge as well. We may not require installing two separate measuring instruments for pressure and temperature. We can get pressure readings both in kPa and psi; temperature readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Pressure gauge syphon is a simple device used to protect pressure gauges from high temperature media such as steam. It also helps to reduce the impacts of rapid pressure changes such as surges and pulsations in a fluid line. Syphon needs to be filled with water or any other separating medium for protection of pressure gauge from various potential dangers.

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