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Lern To Write, Morans!

Lern To Write, Morans!

Geez, people, LinkedIn is a social network for the perfessional workforce. About half of us are making over $100,000 dollars per year. Thirty-eight per cent are college-educated. Would it kill you to proof read what you write – and what you pass on from others – as though your actually in command of you're native language? Its LinkedIn, not YouTube.

My LinkedIn fellow blogger Susan Rooks, the Grammar Goddess, blogs regularly on the importance of communicating in your mother tongue, which in our part of the world is Inglish. Susan points out the common mistakes people make in business writing when there in a hurry or rely two heavily on spellcheck or just should have been held back a semester in Comp 101.

(No, a homophone is not someone who’s against two guys getting married.)

My rant is prompted by the number of visaul memes shared on LinkedIn which contains usually about a half dozen words, or 10-12 at the most, with one or more errors. Maybe it’s the LOLcats effect, which encourages bad spelling, pitiful punctuation and syntactic sins, but I’d remind folks that LinkedIn doesn’t cater to cats. It’s a busyness network, rather than a more social one like Face book or Instagram. What you pass on reflects on you, even if you didn’t create it yourself.

Lern To Write, Morans!

(No, I’m telling you you’re missing something! Twice!)

Some folks complain about the somewhat unprofessional messages and memes posted on LinkedIn, which is a matter of personal preference. I for one am not much interested in religious exhortations to follow a particular deity, genius tests or non-work-related political posts, but