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Who Really Needs A Company Blog?

Who Really Needs A Company Blog?

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The average company blog reminds me of an abandoned garden. There are a few sad, ungerminated seeds lying dormant in rich soil, and the gardener is nowhere to be seen. If you were a fifteenth-century English peasant, it would feed your family. In the twenty-first century, your company blog feeds your marketing department. Who feeds your sales department. Which closes a lot of deals because they've got warm, rich leads that started with the interest you generated with your company blog. If yours is overgrown and a theme park for field mice and a few anorexic-looking slugs, you're not feeding anyone.

"I know a blog is important," you're saying, "but no one here has time to write interesting, valuable content on a regular basis!"

Of course not. The marketing department has to market. The salespeople have to sell. And your job is to run the business. And let's face it, for a company blog you need someone who can write well, and without as much effort as it would take the rest of you.

A regularly-updated company blog alerts Google that your website is current. Blog posts with properly-seeded keywords will bring brand-new eyeballs to your site. Keep in mind the keywords serve the content, not the other way around. If the content is consistently interesting, those eyeballs will keep coming back. Hopefully, they either have an interest in your product or service,