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Dentists Hid That This Toothpaste Can Cause Cancer

(N.Morgan) A vast majority of consumers have heard about Fluoride in many toothpaste commercials, all touting that Fluoride is a paramount ingredient in dental care.

A recent study has revealed there is another dangerous chemical lurking in toothpaste, even more dangerous and damaging than Fluoride and already linked to causing Cancer.

Dentists Hid That This Toothpaste Can Cause Cancer

Toothpaste Health Risks

The revealed chemical goes by the name of triclosan, and can be found in only one major toothpaste brand.

Colgate is the only major toothpaste brand known to use the chemical triclosan as an ingredient. Colgate is one of the mainstream toothpastes most often used by Americans, and is exposing them to the health risks of triclosan.

The chemical triclosan is added to the toothpaste to supposedly reduce the risk of bacterial infection. However, studies have found that the health risks associated with triclosan may cancel out any benefits that the chemical can provide.

Various animal studies conducted on triclosan uncovered that it has a extreme affect on the hormone balance of mammals.

This means that it has an impact on male and female hormones, including testosterone and estrogen, as well as our thyroid system.

Disrupting the balance of certain hormones, specifically estrogen, has been linked to various diseases, most notably breast cancer.

This is because breast cancer cells are generally receptive to estrogen, meaning that having an excess amount of estrogen can cause them to grow.

If triclosan exposure really does increase the amount of estrogen in our bodies, which many studies have shown is a reasonable possibility, then it is safe to conclude that exposure to the chemical triclosan can greatly increase our risk of breast cancer.

Apart from being linked to cancer, triclosan’s antimicrobial properties have also caused concern among experts due to the possibility of “super-bugs”.

These are bacterial strains that have become resistant to triclosan’s antimicrobial properties, and will eventually spread without any form of medication able to stop these bacterial strains.

Dentists Hid That This Toothpaste Can Cause Cancer

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