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Monetize your on-line Blog

Since i've started my Blog i've had many viewers comment both in English and other languages. I must say that Googles Translate opens up a whole new world, and potential market, that otherwise would never be accessible.

So feel free to comment in your native language. :)

However there is certainly some SPAM, maybe one in 10 responses, which should never go "live" so with any blog post you need to set it up so you approve comments before these are published.

Now to get your article read, for Bloggers starting off you could post on Commercial Blog sites, indeed the content you are reading here is posted as articles on, Linkedin and links to this blog are on my Social Media sites.

So getting the word out for an extra 10 minutes work is certainly an easy task.

But from a personal point of view you need to give your blog site a home, at your Domain where you can get readers to go to read it and hopefully click on affiliate links within the document or on the "banner adds on your site” and earn income.

Ok so i host my site on the iClickandhost servers running the Hepsia Server Interface (as opposed to C-Panel) it is fast and located in different locations around the world and it is cheaper than the C-Panel equivalents.

The blog software we use is WordPress

I actually run multiple WordPress sites within my Domain each running different themes.

The blog site uses the rather affordable Generate Press theme and you can watch the video below to see some of it’s easy to use features. There is a free version and that works quite well. The license that you can buy for it is for unlimited sites and it is a clean, easy to setup interface and it works great.

Now by placing banner adds on your site is one way that you can earn money through Clicks.

That is people Clicking on the links or the Add's image and buying the product that is listed on your page.

If this product was an affiliate product you could earn a 50% commission depending on the deal for that product.

Now Widgets are the key! to Monetize your site.

You will place "Adds" into text boxes created within Widgets

To set this up you will paste the code for the "Banner Add" into a Text box that you create in a Widget.

Widgets can be in areas in your Blog Post, so say a Sidebar (Right or Left Areas on your Page), the Footer area (bottom of the page) or even in the Body Area of the Page (Say under the Blogs Title before the blogs text starts)

To get the clues of how you can paste this "code" into text box widgets watch this excellent tutorial video by Bob Du