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Ten Interview Questions for Customer Success Manager (CSM)

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Ten Interview Questions for Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Here are the top ten interviews questions you can ask Customer Success Manager candidates before your hire them.

  • Check Customer Success understanding: What is Customer Success and why is it needed? What will happen if we abolish the customer success department? And what will happen if we have a great customer success team?

  • Check Empathy: Customer is about to cancel the contract because he is not able to do a task, which actually is indeed possible to do via the software. What should we do? Who or what is at fault here? Product, Training, Support, Customer Success or Customer?

  • Check Domain knowledge: If you could only measure one thing to check if the customer was getting the value using the product, what will that be?

  • Check ability to create a strategy: What will be your strategy to manage a mix of accounts varying from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

  • Check Time Management: How will you manage your day, week and month to Onboard new customers, retain existing customers, and grow the portfolio and drive advocacy?

  • Check comfort with Data: In a portfolio of 200 accounts, how will you know which customer is about to leave and which ones are going to grow?

  • Check comfort to shuffle tasks: If you have a day packed with pre-planned Onboarding meetings, how will you handle an escalation from your key customer?

  • Check the Sales inclination: If a new major feature is released, how will you work with it?

  • Check is they are a Team player: Give me an example from your past experience where you helped out another colleague.

  • Put them in a real Scenario: Competition has just released a new feature which we do not have yet, and customers are asking for it. What do you do?