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When you made great efforts in making a web page but after some time you see that your opponent is making more business than you and has a high rating and much more traffic of viewers as compare to you then you fell worry that what your competitor does due to which the raking on their website is increasing day by day. More raking means more business and more success. Your concern about your competitor success is right it is like that, you both are doing the same job but you get less payment as compare to your companion. Then you should worry about that in what way your competitor is better than you are.

One of the main factors that increases the success of the website is content. Your content is the tool that leads or lags you from your competitor. If your opponent is doing good then you so they should have such type of content that is interesting, relevant, contain useful information that is displayed in the most attractive way and due to all these qualities, their website has a high rating as compare to you.

Therefore, if you want to do comparative analysis between you and your competitor content then you can compare both of the websites very easily through a tool.


You can easily compare your content with your competitor through many different tools. The only thing you should do is to write URL address of both websites and then the comparison tool compare both the websites when you will click on the comparison button. The comparison held in within the seconds and the results will display in the following forms:

Page title:

When you are reading two different books, then every book has different title and the chapters in it have different names like those that this every website should have different titles. If two websites related to the same information then it is necessary that they have different titles. Therefore, comparison analysis compares the title of the two websites.

Page description:

Meta description tag is the main particle of the content. You can generate it by the codes or also do it manually. If your content has a deficiency of Meta description then Google can take only some particles of your content. To Learn More about hoe much meta title and meta description is important for your website ranking please check on-age seo


More keywords then more stable your content has. If your content has more keywords then your competitor webpage then your website appears first in the searched result. However, the keywords should be related to the title of your website.

Similar content:

Your content should be unique as compared to the other website’s content. Comparison tool also compares the content similarity percentage between two web pages content. If two-webpage content has high percentage of similarity then it is not good for your website. Therefore, try to make content that is unique in all aspects. 


Backlinking with one of the popular and well-known website is also play a very vital role in the success of your website. When your website is more back linked than your opponent website then the rating of your website is increased. The user wants to read that information which has a reference to some well-known website. Therefore, you should backlink your website in order to increase traffic to your webpage. Do not go for spam websites, you can check spam score of any website from Moz and Domain Authority of websites from prepostseo.

Therefore, these are some of the important factors through which you can compare two websites easily by the help of comparison analysis tool. Then after knowing your flaws that lags your website from your competitor website you should work on them and remove all the irrelevant material from your webpage and all those things that help your website to rank high and attract more user through which the traffic on your website will increase. To Analyze website traffic you can use Google Analytics Tool. More traffic means more success!

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Good Post, By the way, Keywords are the most important thing, if you are looking for your competitor.

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