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OEM and Suppliers of Ballistic Protection Products to the Global Market

OEM and Suppliers of Ballistic Protection Products to the Global MarketAt Hardshell, we take customer objections positively. We patiently listen to their grievances, whether it is about price, quality or any other factor. Depending upon their issues, we provide the required support and assistance to solve their objections, as these issues are raised generally due to a genuine interest to purchase. These concerns need to be resolved to make a personal and long-term relationship with them. We come across various “special needs” in terms of customization of our products. Being a manufacturer ourselves, we can cater to the requirements easily and such requirements are typically unproblematic. 

In the case of unrealistic demands, we offer the best and closest possible alternative available to suit their requirements. If it does not suit them, we will provide our explanation and apologise for the limitation. We reply to our customers with our best knowledge and help them understand the product. In case the question is out of context, we are clear in conveying to our customer that certain things are not in our domain and are irrelevant. We are a global company and so customers may ask questions related to other departments as well. Depending upon the query, we transfer it to the relevant departments to seek their assistance and respond to our customers accordingly.

To gain more understanding about our company and products, we organize training sessions for all new product updates and strive to keep ourselves updated about the advancements in the industry. In case we miss mentioning some detail or feel that the provided explanation is not understandable enough to the customer, we will provide additional explanation while making it clear that we understand the oversight on our part.

 Customer service is our highest priority and to achieve that, we do the following things:

  • Know our customer base in-depth, so we can understand their knowledge about the products and serve them accordingly.

  • Give them confidence in our commitment that we will look into their inquiry with priority and offer options based on their requirements.

  • Maintain the quality and performance standards of our products.

  • Attend to the customer queries on an urgent basis and understand it thoroughly to solve the issues in a timely and effective  manner.

Our team is committed to following our 24-hour turnaround time (TAT) for an inquiry revert. However, in case of a delay in reply, we offer our sincere apologies with an explanation to our customer. We also make it a point to call them personally and bring it to their attention so that we can move forward without any other issues.