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Ecommerce Web Developing with CodeIgniter | Webnexs

Ecommerce Web Developing with CodeIgniter | Webnexs

At present, the business will nearly without effective web applications. By using CodeIgniter we can develop a powerful website and web application in less time. Many PHP frameworks are here is no doubt all of them developed wonder web applications with magnificent features. Here we make use of CodeIgniter development which is the powerful and popular PHP framework used by most web developers in the technology.

CodeIgniter is the best for web development. It is a PHP framework based on the Model-View-Controller architectural design, but can also be revised to use the Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC).

Why CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is an open-source framework and library set for the purpose of developing an e-commerce website effectively at a low cost.

CodeIgniter helps your E-commerce website go beyond your competition with solutions that highlights usability and functionality. It consistently supports your bug-free web application, reliably fast, and cost-efficient.

CodeIgniter is one of the most used for cost-effective PHP solutions. This is an MVC based framework and provider certain environment for the developers and designers to work concurrently. It is used to develop full-featured PHP web applications.

Here listed the top reasons to choose CodeIgniter rather than other PHP frameworks

  • Outstanding performance

  • Never restrictive coding rules 

  • Easy programming

  • Not required the command line for running the code 

  • Works on Systematic 

  • Precise documentation

  • Virtually zero configurations

  • Huge library set for developing the program.

  • Wide compatibility with standard hosting

  • No need for the developer to learn templating language to develop and program

Benefits of CodeIgniter:

  • Manipulating Bugs/Error Handling

CodeIgniter wishes to reveal websites that are perfect and deliver exceptional functionality and design. It provides a simple user interface is that presents support in finding any errors bugs that are preventing the smooth functioning of the website and ultimately changing the user experience.

CodeIgniter code is specifically performed to develop a bug-free website that doesn’t affect the overall quality. It also delivers the finest web development services in great expertise.

  • Customizability

CodeIgniter developers can always customize the website as per the specifications in the precious time.  It is the only framework that gives the ease of customizability as compared to the various options that are possible in the market.

Prompt fixing the error to configure the files in a simplified in the web development services. It would be great to help you in getting the things done in a way that it blends the business needs.

  • Security

CodeIgniter is the undoubtedly choice for secure web development. The platform allows enhanced security features that are enough to represent the overall protection of this platform. The different encryption and decryption features make more reliable than others.

Many web developers prefer developing e-commerce websites including payment gateway in CodeIgniter, which requires sufficient security standards in a website. 

  • User-friendly Interface

By using CodeIgniter, we can build a website with dynamic functionality that can provide the best understanding of website experience. It can need to maintain getting the right CodeIgniter web development company that can cater to your diverse business needs.

CodeIgniter makes it the perfect choice for all the web developers throughout the globe.

  • Free Migration

CodeIgniter makes easy database updates and migration from one server to another server.  This is one of the main reasons to choose CodeIgniter is the best choice for E-commerce development.

CodeIgniter support from the general population that can be the best thing that you can get from a web development platform. 

  • MVC Architecture

CodeIgniter is a platform is based on MVC (Model View Controller) that improves the overall dependence on web development.  MVC allows a Test Driven Development, which can be used to the developer to test the modules as per the requirements. MVC offers easy integration with the JavaScript frameworks. 

  • Fast Development

CodeIgniter for web development purposes for agile development services from any other framework without any interrupt. It is better functionality in their website with minimal code.

  • Best for Search Engine Optimization

CodeIgniter is a perfect choice for your business website development purpose is the capacity to identify the ranking of the website on the search engine. So, digital marketing specialists prefer the CodeIgniter platform for development when it is for enhancing traffic.

It can offer numerous features that mutually help in the overall optimization of the website without affecting important elements of the website.

  • Large Community Support

When coming for community support,  CodeIgniter is one can be positive enough to get free solutions for their issues. It can offer glitches related to advanced development services. It can reuse the code for modification to reduce the efforts. 

Most of the people prefer reusing codes with just minor changes whenever they are demanding better design and functionality.

  • Event-driven Development

CodeIgniter enables event-driven development, that has ensured step by step testing strategy while enhanced developing a website.  CodeIgniter is the only platform that gives a perfect development environment for the web developer as well. 


For all the above well strong reasons to make CodeIgniter can be viewed as an effective PHP framework in several ways that describes the task of PHP website development. This framework has secured features and functionality to support PHP development services.

Hire CodeIgniter web development company with the full-featured web development services as per the client’s requirement. 

Webnexs is the most-trusted CodeIgniter PHP development company in India. Their aim to increase the website performance along with the successful fulfillment of web development and designing project.

Contact sales@webnexs to develop user-friendly and customized PHP applications on CodeIgniter.

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