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God never create waste

god never create waste we know god is great he always hear us our soul voice. never create any waste. even garbage is also not a waste material.the poor people collect waste material from the dustbin.they collect dirty polythene s from the roads.they also collect dirty clothes,broken plastic materials .they try to find out every kind of waste materials from the roads and streets.when they collect this garbage.they sell this in the industries.and the industries again recycle these waste material to use again and that the poor people can eat their food. even their life is so struggle.but they work hard.then why people think that they can't do nothing.they have a brain.they are physically fit.they are educated.they can do hard work also.but they just say that they can't do nothing.some people never try to go ahead.they are happy with their small salary package even they faces very difficulties.they can go ahead to their life with this problems.they can try for other opportunities.if they try to take some risk in their life then their life will give the best chance to go ahead with some difficulties.some well educated people think that they are educated but they have the correspondence they can't apply for the best permanent job.but why they never think that if the illiterate person can became a prime minister.then why they are ineligible.why they can't try for the best opportunities.they can do their best.but first they have to believe on god. then their hard work will work best.they can fulfill their all dreams.if they always see the poor persons life and thank to god for everything.if they see the life of poor persons and they do hard work. they can definitely get the best path. we should not lose our hope if we are honest with our work.but sometime our deeds are fails in our life.because sometime we do work hard.but we don't want to do this work with honesty.they never think that life is a lesson.they have to learn everything with some good and bad experienced.sometime they can get best path with bad experience. but sometime they can't get good path with good should judge yourself before judging the others.don't try to compare yourself with others because you are only one whose can tolerate their life with lot of patience and go ahead with their hard work.

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