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This Is How Your Boss Is Screwing Over Your Career

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Feeling underappreciated is a big reason why a lot of people leave their jobs. It’s not about the money or the lack of time off work. It’s about doing something every day that appears to be utterly meaningless to the people around you.

The evidence suggests, however, that humans are more than mere automatons showing up for a paycheck. We’re a social and emotional bunch. And we want to feel as if what we’re doing has some immediate value.

Michael Kerr is a business speaker and author. He’s researched the ingredients of great leadership. He says that a lot of it comes down to expressing simple interest in employees and what they’re doing. Caring for team members is, therefore, important.

Unfortunately, this happy state of affairs doesn’t exist for every company out there. Much of the time, the opposite is true. Here’s how your boss is screwing you over.

You Don’t Get Any Guidance Or Support

This Is How Your Boss Is Screwing Over Your Career

It’s a well-known fact that if you want to advance your career, you need the mentoring and support of your seniors. Unfortunately, that support isn’t always forthcoming. Think about this: does your boss only care about project completion? Or do they look for ways to challenge you and advance your skills?

If it’s the former, it’s likely they see you only as a pawn on the chessboard. You’ve got a function, but you’re not worth all that much to them. The solution in the medium term is to quit your work, especially if your co-workers are getting trained and you aren’t.

Your Boss Is A Bully

Great bosses can read people really well and understand their needs. They know that if they meet their emotional needs, they’ll have a productive and engaged person on their side. Bad bosses don’t know how to do this. And they way they get what they want is through bullying.

Intimidation and bullying are serious issues that may require the involvement of employment lawyers. Chances are if they don’t take your feelings into account, they don’t care about you as a person. Staying in thi