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Making Waves With Masks, Serums :Hey Honey

We're Making Waves With Masks, Serums :Hey Honey

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Israel’s rat race is as hectic as any bustling metropolis. Just ask Katerina Yoffe-Larden, who owned with her husband, Nisso Larden, an online advertising agency in Tel Aviv for 14 years, helping brands such as Nissan and Christina Aguilera fragrance with their social media, creative and media buying tasks.

So when she was approached to sell her company, she didn’t think twice, and the couple moved to the US and had their second child. Soon Katerina started thinking about her skin, and how when she traveled or got ready in the morning there wasn’t really a regimen that met her needs, especially since so many brands required multiple steps and products. She also drew on her childhood days of growing up in Latvia where everyone used honey as a remedy for everything from hair treatments to masks. 

Now based in Colorado, Katerina began re-exploring the world of honey, and especially propolis, and how it could work in a line of beauty products.

“Propolis is made by bees for their own use. For example, if there’s a hole in the beehive, they will seal it with propolis. Or if there’s an intruder like a mouse, they will cover him in propolis. Bees also seal the queen’s babies in propol