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Facebook Is Testing TikTok Like Short Video Features For India

Facebook is the largest social networking platform worldwide. The astonishing figure of 2.45 billion active users justifies the fact. Launched in the year 2014 by Marks Zuckerberg, it has traveled a long journey in getting to the top. 

After the recent ban that was imposed on the world's most popular video capturing and sharing app TikTok, many tech giants are investing their part on TikTok app development. Facebook earlier launched a similar platform in the year 2018, that had to be discontinued. However, the latest news that has been airing is about a new platform that allows users to capture and share short videos is under testing phase.

Read this article to know about the latest business venture by Facebook to provide a TikTok alternative. The article also mentions the TikTok clone app development and the concept of TikTok clone script. 

Facebook's Short Video Feature

Facebook has recently shifted its focus on developing a TikTok replacement that allows the user to capture and share overlaid videos. The app is likely to be an upgrade over the app that has been recently shut down. 

The company reveals India to be its largest market, one of the reasons that influenced the tech giant to direct its attention towards Indian users. There is no second thought to the fact that Indian was the country with the largest TikTok active users generating great revenue for the owners. 

However, the ban has provided the room for new entrepreneurs and established tech giants to play their card with a distinctive and advanced video capturing platform.  

The company claims that the new feature will be integrated into the news feed as for now. However, looking at the response and success it achieves, some changes might occur. 

TikTok clone is the process that is opted by the developers because of the cost-saving and time-saving quality it possesses during the app development. Scroll down to the next section to know more about the TikTok clone process.

Facebook Is Testing TikTok Like Short Video Features For India

TikTok Clone

TikTok clone is the process that involves using the source code of the parent app, i.e. TikTok for app development to yield a similar platform. TikTok clone is a popular video dubbing app software solution that provides a pre-built foundation for the developers. TikTok clone is an open-source platform that allows the developer to incorporate changes as per the clients need and demand after properly analyzing the nature and purpose of business.  

TikTok clone script is the tool that takes you one step closer towards the app development. There are many benefits that are associated with using a TikTokclone script that is mentioned in the section below. 

Advantages Of TikTok Clone Script

There are many benefits associated with using the TikTok clone script that makes it a popular choice amongst developers. 

Cost And Time Efficient

Investing in a TikTok clone app using a pre-built source script saves a lot of time and efforts of the developers. This eventually makes the whole process cost-efficient. 

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Highly Flexible

The open-source scripts are easy to modify as per the business needs. A developer can easily shed off the unnecessary features and integrate advanced features to make it a notch above its original version. 


TikTok clone script encourages personalization. This means developers get the benefit of using the pre-built structure with a personalized branding and logo that makes the app unique.

TikTok clone scripts are the ideal solution that is highly customizable and effective as they are based on tried and tested platforms, eventually raising the chances of success of the newly developed apps that share the similar base. 

Cost Of Developing An App Similar To TikTok

Cost is one important factor that plays a vital role in determining the nature of software. A basic version of any app can be developed at lower prices as compared to the high costing involved in developing an advanced app. 

Accumulating funds is the first that is required in planning any business, and so is for TikTok app development. The cost of app development depends on various factors. Let us understand a few of them to have better clarity of the price of app development. 

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As the number of features rises, so does the complexity of app development. The more advanced feature it gets, the higher the complexity of app development and thus the price.


The number of platforms the app targets is another important factor that determines the cost of app development. However, investing in a higher number of platforms like iOS, Android, Microsoft etc. can be a profitable investment. 

Developers Efforts And Its Location

The amount of efforts laid in the app development also influences the cost of development. The Majority of the developers charge on an hourly basis, hence the longer the hours get, the higher goes the price. Apart from this, developers' fee varies depending on the location they are based. 

All the factors sum up to around a price of $25000. 


After getting sufficient information about the TikTok clone app development and the recent ongoing projects that deliver similar functionality, approaching an expert software development company for getting a clear picture of your business project is highly recommended. 

Lastly, an expert software company will be helpful in answering all the queries that arise in your mind while planning the project.