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Are You Prepared For Tomorrow's Goals? (Today's Reflection)

Are You Prepared For Tomorrow's Goals? (Today's Reflection)

Take a moment to look at today’s Daily Reflection. When you are done, take no more than 10 minutes to answer your self-reflection questions:

My choices today prepare me for tomorrow's goals.

Each day is a chance to make my life worth living. It is a tragedy to waste precious moments. I embrace every opportunity to achieve something great.

I choose to actively work towards my goals regardless of the obstacles. Instead of crumbling under boulders of doubt, I choose to climb atop them and be victorious. Time is too precious to cower in fear of the unknown.

I set a mission for myself each day. Having the foresight to attack goals in small parts is beneficial to my success.

Although there are temptations that sometimes sidetrack me, I quickly resume my focus. I remind myself of what I am aiming at. That reminder easily puts me back on track towards hitting a target.

My daily personal and professional goals support my life goals. My focus today is to become someone who knows how to handle success. Achieving this means hitting smaller daily targets successfully.

Today, I spare very little time on idle exploits because I am o