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Be Thankful For Your Success (Today's Reflection)

Be Thankful For Your Success (Today's Reflection)

Take a moment to look at today’s Daily Reflection. When you are done, take no more than 10 minutes to answer your self-reflection questions:

Success gives me more things to be thankful for

It is true that accomplishments make me happy, but they also make me thankful. Success gives me many things to express gratitude for.

Achieving my goals helps me to realize just how far I am able to push myself. I am thankful for the ability to push through difficult challenges in the pursuit of wonderful results.

Each day gives me an opportunity to appreciate my material gains. Although they have limited worth, they serve a useful purpose.

I avoid becoming conceited and proud when I attain more than my peers. It is a blessing to hit targets that I am able to use to help others. I value the chance to use my success for the betterment of someone else.

As I watch my achievements grow, I sit back in awe of my blessings. I recognize that taking them for granted is foolish and short-sighted.

The things I achieve today are likely taken away when I forget to treasure them and give thanks. I am wise in my approach to the goodness that I am fortunate to receive. Each expression of gratitude makes room for new rewards and triumphs.

Today, thankfulness lives in my mind and frequently falls off my tongue. Being grateful is the remedy for conceit and self-centered actions. More blessings on my plate result in more gratitude and continuation of the cycle of goodness in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what ways do I use the good things in my life to offer help to others?

2. How am I able to help others achieve their own measures of success?

3. How readily am I able to identify occurrences as blessings?

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