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Sales Leaders: Do You Inspect What You Expect?

Sales Leaders: Do You Inspect What You Expect?

If you have ever managed a sales team, you have heard this before, "Inspect what you expect." Today, we will look at taking our leads that our marketing team has now handed to sales and understanding the importance of knowing where those leads are through the sales cycle.

What’s Next?

One of our top priorities, outside of closing these leads, is making sure we do not lose leads in our sales cycle. In sales, we have all done this on some level and at some point. Either not annotating correctly, or changing the status of our leads to identify progress through the cycle. It happens. We get busy, we take another call, or things just happen and we forget. As


however, we must make sure we are on top of this. Having the right process and systems will help.

Contact Status

If I remember correctly, we had upwards of 10 lead statuses that we consistently used in our systems with Apollo. As a manager, I could pull up a report in the morning and identify team and individual bottlenecks in minutes. Each status was clear in definition; however, it is always a good practice to ensure this is spot checked and, if need be, reinforced in quick team huddles or meetings at least every quarter.

Having worked or consulted in different inside sales environments, training in this area is crucial. If I have an employee that has come from a competitor or a similar industry, they may have a different approach on how they update their lead statuses.

Although their experience is great and you obviously hired them for a reason, they must now learn your system, not the other way around. Stay on top of this and it will get easier for you and your team from and efficiency and communications standpoint.

Have you heard this one;

Employee: “Don’t worry boss, I know where my leads are at.”

Manager: “Good for you, now I need to know. What happens if you’re sick, or busy and need help? We would have no clue what’s going on, right?”

Pipeline Management

I have been in numerous sales management meetings and have seen peers feel the pain of not knowing where their team’s leads were in the sales cycle. Very embarrassing to say the least. When your bosses boss knows where you’re at, and you do not…MAN DOWN! You may not be in sales management too long.

This may sound simple to mo