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Using Conversation Analytics to Create Strategic Partnerships

Using Conversation Analytics to Create Strategic PartnershipsAs a sales manager, office manager, or business owner, we understand the importance of looking at our data and creating processes and procedures that maximize our budgets and ultimately lead to a consistent increase in revenue. One of the tools we can utilize is call tracking and conversation analytics software. If used correctly, this software could provide us three benefits in one scenario for our business:

  • Maximize our marketing ROI
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Deliver an improved customer experience

How can we create a win-win-win for all involved?  Let’s look at one of the many scenarios that a proper discovery session, with the right call analytics provider, could uncover for the best use of your call tracking and analytics software.

The Scenario

Let’s say that we own a successful law practice. Our firm concentrates in DUI, Personal Injury, and Family Law. Over the past year or so, we notice that our Family Law portion of the practice may not fit with our model moving forward, so we decide to walk away and focus on DUI and Personal Injury.

We are happy with our decision over the next few months, but by using our conversation analytics software, we notice that we are still receiving calls for Family Law and turning away clients. Keep in mind; we have spent a considerable amount of money over the years on marketing our firm with all three specialties.

After a deeper look into our call data, we discover that we have a choice to make:

  • Keep turning “bad leads” away, thus wasting a portion of our marketing budget
  • Form a strategic partnership with a Family Law practice

After looking at the data, we decide on Number 2. We identify three firms that specialize in Family Law and in no way cross-over into our specialties of DUI and Personal Injury. We decide on a young lawyer just starting out, like we once were, and see that her firm could make the most sense for both parties. After some discussion with this particular lawyer, we find that another decision needs to be made:

  • Do we charge her firm for our leads


    2. Do we decide to