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What Can Steph Curry Teach Us About Performance?

What Can Steph Curry Teach Us About Performance?

Look at that picture again. A thing of beauty.

If you have seen this young man play…it is a thing of beauty.

Keep looking. What do you see in him that is in you? If your answer is, “nothing,” look again.

I see maximum confidence and performance. I see work ethic that happens behind closed doors in the most private of moments. It’s a thing of beauty when on display for the public.

When I hear his teammates talk about him in interviews, they always talk about the work he puts in to being great at his craft. His coach talks about his drive to be the greatest ever.

C’mon Steve.

Mind you, Steve Kerr was coached by 3 Hall of Fame coaches (Olson, Popovich, Jackson) who embody coaching greatness. This is a man that has played alongside the greatest to ever play this child’s game of basketball, Michael Jordan.

Really Steve? Better than Michael? Works as hard as Michael?

Ok. I’ll trust his word on this one. He has seen it up close and personal, but we are not here for that…

Personal Standards

Let’s get back to you for a moment.

When is the last time you felt that you performed to your max in effort and confidence at work? As a leader, who do you support on your team that gives that kind of effort daily? When has your team performed at that level and did you recognize it?

It’s that moment that you not only met your sales budget, but you destroyed your sales budget!

That moment when your customer service scores were far above even your expectations.

When have your peers, subordinates, or superiors mentioned your tireless work ethic?

That moment where you felt that you could stand on the shore and throw the ball in the ocean…that "can’t miss" moment. Like Steph.

Are you letting your peers or those who do not know you write another narrative about you?

  • You’re a millennial…