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What's in Your Toolbox: Call Analytics and Data Tracking?

What's in Your Toolbox: Call Analytics and Data Tracking?

In today’s post, we will look at call tracking’s relationship with marketing budgets and maximize ROI with lead attribution. Why should you care? Well, if you run or manage a business, the attribution of marketing efforts to sales outcomes should be one of the top priorities for you. If not, we can talk about that later. Let's start with some benefits of lead attribution and usage of data.

Lead Attribution Offline

The first benefit with a call tracking and analytics system, is that you can attribute your marketing efforts to specific calls. In talking to clients, we can see fairly quickly if your marketing budget is being maximized across both online and offline efforts.

For example, during a first call consultation months back, our client asked if their tracking numbers were working. In their system, they noticed that one number in their offline marketing plan was not bringing in any inbound calls.

After checking the number in our system and calling it for ourselves to ensure it was active, we discovered that the ad simply was not performing for the two months of the number being set up. The client immediately decided to call the newspaper that the ad was attached to and cancel all remaining ad buys. Could they have waited at least 90 days to see if the ad would perform? Sure, but based on a prior experience with this local provider, it was their decision to move on and maximize other efforts.

If they had not had call tracking set up, they may have gone months with that ad and spent a few thousand dollars in marketing that could have utilized elsewhere.

What About Online

There are a number of ways to track online marketing performance. Instead of getting into the technical definitions of each available option, just know that these options have evolved over the years. When talking to a call tracking and analytics provider, make sure you are clear on ALL of the options available to you.

One that we utilize is the web form contact feature. Having worked