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Preparing For Launch: Marketing Your Business Today

Preparing For Launch: Marketing Your Business Today

Do you remember Tivo? What about Zune? Joost?

Chances are (depending on your age), at least one of the above products is lost on you–you’ve never heard of it, don’t know what it did (or does), and have no plans to seek out this information any time soon. That’s because, in all three cases, the marketing of these otherwise great products was a complete flop.

The Zune had the opportunity to compete with Apple’s iPod in a battle for market supremacy, much like what you see in the Apple vs Android cell phone market today. But despite overwhelmingly positive product reviews, the Zune failed to catch on and, of course, flopped.

The Zune is just one of millions of products that failed primarily due to poor marketing efforts on behalf of the business. Here are some tips and tricks to properly getting your product or service in front of the people who would be interested, all on a small (or no) budget!

Establish an Online Presence

We’re long past the era in which placement in a newspaper or magazine is the pinnacle of market-reach. With the digitization taking over the world rapidly, an online presence is an absolute must when promoting a product or service.

Instead of paying thousands upon thousands of dollars for a few inches of advertising space in a high-profile magazine, go digital. How much information can you fit in a 3 inch by 3 inch square? What about on a full magazine page? You can include a picture, yes, and a short description. But a website can do this and much, much more, all with a substantially smaller budget.

Building websites isn’t a particu